Franklin Park

Originally called West Roxbury Park, Franklin Park was renamed to honor Benjamin Franklin. At its original 527 acres, Franklin Park is the largest park in the Emerald Necklace, as well as the most recreational by design.

As the park developed, Frederick Law Olmsted identifies two purposes: “The Country Park” and the Ante Park or “Fore-Park,” which was set aside for recreational uses supported in places by structured facilities.

Today, the park brings together rural scenery with expansive pastoral vistas defined by woodlands and areas for recreation and cultural events. The park also has six miles of roads and 15 miles of pedestrian and bridle paths to explore.

Many designers have shaped Franklin Park over the years, including Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr., John Charles Olmsted, Arthur Asahel Shurtleff (Shurcliff), Shurcliff & Shurcliff, and V. Michael Weinmayr. 

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