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King’s Chapel Burying Ground

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Susannah Ross, ASLA

King’s Chapel Burying Ground was founded in 1630. It was Boston’s first burying ground and the only one until 1660. The Chapel itself came to the site over 50 years later in 1686. King James II ordered construction of an Anglican church to maintain the influence of the Church of England in the colonies. When none of the colonists were willing to sell land for such purpose, the King ordered the colonial Governor to take over part of the burial ground for the new church.

After almost four hundred years the sacred ground was in need of restoration and repair. In 2011, Walker-Kluesing Design Group established guidelines for the rehabilitation of the burying ground as part of their Historic Burying Grounds Master Plan. High priorities outlined in the plan included pruning trees, replacing signs, and resetting gravestones.

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