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Robyn Reed, ASLA

LandWave is a public art work located on the southeast edge of Peters Park in the South End. The art work is sited on a linear strip of land between the baseball field and the Washington Street sidewalk.

The installation commemorates the historical location of the Neck to the Shawmut Peninsula, the narrow isthmus that once connected the Shawmut Peninsula (now downtown Boston) to the mainland. LandWave, designed by the joint landscape architect/artist and architect team of Sauna Gillie-Smith of Ground, France Cormier and Michael Kilkelly and completed in 2011, recalls the site’s evolution from water to land.

Two wave-like landforms are covered on one side with green groundcover while the other is covered with a range of blue mosaic tiles that emulate the texture and color of a water wave, creating a metaphorical wave of land and water.


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