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So what's it like to work as landscape architect and how do you become one? This Career Discovery page answers those questions, and more. It contains stories about and interviews with landscape architects; videos, illustrations and text showcasing brilliant landscape architecture projects; links to Bureau of Labor Statistics data on the profession; results of ASLA’s annual graduating student surveys; information on educational programs and schools; plus introductory materials such as a PowerPoint presentation on the profession, a downloadable brochure, a graphic-novel-like telling of the landscape architecture story, and even a coloring book for the younger set.

One special place to start is with our Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes pages.  They offer 30 case studies in easily understood terms that demonstrate how landscape architects beautify your world while also protecting and working with nature. You can also view animations that show sustainable landscape design in action. Here's an interview with a landscape architect about the profession plus a link to the profession's profile. And another public education site provides an interactive introduction to the profession.

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Landscape Architecture – It's All Around You
Look at your community. How did the parks, residential developments, campuses, shopping centers, gardens, transportation facilities, corporate and institutional take shape? Planning, designing, and land-use management is the work of landscape architects. Interested in the environment and art? Landscape architecture is a profession that blends creativity and science. Maybe it’s the career for you. 

Landscape Architecture Education & Career Development
Want to be a landscape architect? This article explains the necessary educational requirements and offers tips on how to choose a school. Photo of Harvard's Tanner Fountain by Alan Ward.   

Eddie George, ASLA
Tapping YouTube

Eddie George, the 1995 Heisman Trophy winner who became a star running back for the Tennessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys, is also an ASLA member, relishing his career in the profession of landscape architecture as owner of The EDGE Group. George serves as an official spokesperson on discovering careers in landscape architecture and offers an insightful video about his choice of the profession.

Review all the videos on YouTube highlighting the profession and its projects.


Examples of Great Landscape Architecture
Examples of Great Landscape Architecture
Check out the ASLA Professional Awards and Student Competition winning entries. You can see examples of projects that have been named outstanding projects.

Conversations with Thought Leaders
Conversations with Thought Leaders
ASLA conducts an ongoing series of exclusive interviews with prominent landscape architects and others whose work relates to the profession.  Meet the personalities, hear their points of view, and learn about the issues.

Foster Book
Read All About It

Becoming a Landscape Architect: A Guide to Careers in Design, written by Kelleann Foster, ASLA, associate professor and assistant department head, Department of Landscape Architecture, Pennsylvania State University, features more than 35 interviews with leading landscape architects and more than 250 illustrations. Published in October 2009 and available for $39.95, it provides a comprehensive survey of the field as it is practiced today, and explains how to get started and how to succeed. It is available with a list price of $39.95 through most online book vendors.


graphic novel image
Super Sustainable Landscape Architects
While they were students at Michigan State University, Andrew Deer and Joseph James, both now ASLA, won an award for their graphic-novel-like look at the profession, "Super Sustainable Landscape Architects." Follow the adventures of Mass Transit Man and Biking Bandito.  

ASLA’s 2013 Graduating Student Survey
Each year ASLA conducts a survey of students graduating with undergraduate and graduate degrees in landscape architecture. See the 2013 results, or full archive.

Colleges and Universities that Offer Landscape Architecture Programs
The Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB) is the organization responsible for accrediting landscape architecture degree programs in the United States. Check out more than 60 accredited and candidacy programs in the U.S. 

DI Graphic small
Survey of the Best Landscape Architecture Schools
DesignIntelligence has released its eleventh annual edition of "America's Best Architecture & Design Schools," including rankings of landscape architecture programs, in its ongoing assessments of programs for prospective students.

2010-11 JBOS
U.S. Government Report on Landscape Architecture
The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes detailed reports on a variety of occupations and sees landscape architecture as one of the fastest growing professions. Read its 2010-2011 findings on landscape architecture.  

ACE Mentors Introduce You to the Profession
As a national sponsor of the ACE Mentor Program of America, ASLA and its members introduce high school students to career opportunities in landscape architecture. The ACE program targets young adults and makes a special effort to reach out to minority and underserved populations. ASLA members serve as mentors throughout the school year in local chapters nationwide. In addition to the school-year program, ACE offers internships and scholarships to eligible students.

More information about the ACE program is available at:
Click here to view press release.

Design Your Future with the ACE Mentor Program [pdf]
ACE Mentor Yearbook 2009 [ENR]
ACE Mentor Program – A Blueprint for the Future [pdf]
Find Your Local Contact. [xls]

Career Discovery Brochure and Powerpoint
Visit here to download ASLA’s Career Discovery Brochure. The informative brochures are available in English and Spanish, and in printer friendly as well as high-quality printing formats. The brochures make for great resources to use at school career days and other career related events. Members can also access the 2010 Career Discovery Powerpoint.  

Landscape Architecture Coloring Book
Landscape Architecture Coloring Book (19 MB pdf) developed by the North Carolina Chapter of ASLA.


ASLA Membership
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