American Society of Landscape Architects ASLA 2007 Student Awards
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Noah Z. Levy, Student ASLA
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Faculty Advisors: David Gouverneur and Lucinda R. Sanders, ASLA

"Sophisticated geometry and a beautiful format resolution. Great spaces and experiences have resulted."

— 2007 Student Awards Jury Comments

Project Statement
Through the analysis of regional movements and processes, local conditions of disconnectivity, lack of economic stimulus, and degraded brownfield sites in Camden, NJ. an urban design proposal was developed. The voids are seen as zones for potential growth, and an integrated stormwater management treatment system (swalescapes) transforms surfaces through water infiltration and allows for increased social connectivity for variable urban functions.

Project Narrative
SWALECAPES transforms a wide range of spaces through an integrated stormwater management system, allowing for a revitalized network of paths, parks, streetscapes and private spaces. Water will infiltrate the ground and recharge aquifers through bioengineered swales, reducing flood impact on local communities.

The waterfront plaza connects existing city infrastructure and proposed mixed development to a reactivated transportation ferry terminal and incorporates the system of swales to create an evolving, ecological vibrant wetland, as well as spaces for recreation, performance and leisure activities.

This project seeks to address varying urban conditions on a variety of scales. SWALESCAPES has the capacity to reconfigure Camden as a mega system of pathways and regional transit movements. However, the resultant conditions of the new water management infrastructure create unique spaces for social interactions, emergent wetland ecologies, and allow for a transformation of public and private zones with the potential for redevelopment.


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