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57 issues of Topos. While issues 1 to 50 were conceived as a bilingual European journal, issue 51 was the start of the global Topos. (Photo: Topos, photo Boris Storz)
The first issue of Topos in 1992 caused quite a stir. It reported on the profession in European countries and presented their current landscape architecture projects. The individual design and high quality was the distinguishing feature of the new journal. (Photo: Topos, cover design Narcisa Fluturel, photo Robert Schäfer)

The new design of Topos was well received by the profession. Topos continued to be of unmistakable design and content. Topos 57: This feature issue is about architecture and landscape. Evocative pictures of Finnish architecture, Japanese tradition and modernity, the Australian horizon. (Photo: Topos, project Todd Saunders, Tommie Wilhelmsen, photo Vegard Moen)

News, interviews, new projects, competition results, events, reviews - Topos has many sections offering an excellent overview of the international landscape architecture scene. A regular feature in each issue is the series "The State of the Profession around the world". (Photo: Topos; sample from Topos 51, pages 6/7)

Feature issues let Topos approach a subject from different angles. For example "Light" in Topos 54: International architects and lighting designers Major and Speirs report on "Designing with Light", Topos talked to Olafur Eliasson, various projects. (Photo: Topos, sample from Topos 54, pages 14/15, photo Werner Hannapel)

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TOPOS - The International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
Munich, Germany

"We believe this is one of the best magazines for the profession in contemporary design--it certainly has had the most impact. It is on the forefront of so many issues. All landscape architects need to read this journal regularly."

— 2007 Professional Awards Jury Comments

Topos – The International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
Professional quarterly journal.

Topos: Global Expertise – In Depth Features – Quality Design
As the one and only truly international quarterly review of landscape architecture and urban design, Topos publishes examples of successful projects and designs from all over the world. Topos provides worldwide surveys of planning activities, urban design projects and concepts, planning strategies for cities, urban regions and cultural landscapes.

Topos highlights interdisciplinary work and examines future questions arising within the landscape architecture profession. Topos has its steadfast and continuously growing readership, across all continents.

Topos: The Story
The first issue of Topos – European Landscape Magazine was published in 1992, giving European landscape architecture a base for publicizing projects and concerns. Joining the company of existing individual national journals, almost without exception issued by their professional associations, was Topos, a comprehensive journal with an international scope specializing in the design of public space. For 50 issues and in two languages, German and English, Topos covered interdisciplinary subjects concerning European landscape architecture, urban planning, art, and architecture.

Since July 2005 it has had a new title: Topos – International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. With issue number 51, Topos presented a new look to its readers and although the target group - landscape architects and designers in related disciplines - has remained the same, much has changed with the relaunch.

Topos went global. Topos is now only in English. German readers receive a complimentary insert with German summaries. Topos focuses on illustrations and presents projects from all over the world; it describes the planning behind the projects and it analyzes trends. The comprehensive ad-free main section presents and discusses the featured topic on many levels. This main section is enclosed by magazine sections with many new columns: reports on events, competition results, news, book reviews, a calendar of events, interviews, etc.

Topos: The USP
The growing global market of landscape architecture requires media that not only provide information but also transport the image characterizing the profession and distinguishing it from others: economic efficiency, function, sustainability – but in conjunction with aesthetics, form, colour, visual impression, sensitivity.

This is what Topos offers. In the age of digital information Topos is a technically crafted printed journal representing a cultural standard of writing and imagery, corresponding to what good landscape architects apply to their work. Copies of Topos are treasured and collected just like good books.

Topos is independent, not affiliated to any professional institution, giving the editorial office free rein over contents and bias. In the selection of projects, the main focus is on design aspects, but function, usability, and finished quality must be right. Topos aims to show the characteristics of different cultures, to advance local and regional design, also in the globalized world.

Topos publishes not only projects from countries with a long tradition of landscape architecture like the U.S., Switzerland, Germany or the UK but also countries that are still striving for professional recognition, such as Italy.

Hence, Topos presents a high standard of landscape architecture worldwide and serves as a platform and showcase for specific countries, it supplements existing professional and academic journals and assists the emerging market in countries which do not have their own professional publication.

Topos already has a high awareness level throughout the world. It is the most frequently stolen magazine in libraries; many CEOs take it home to read.

Topos: The review
Prospective Landscapes, Urban Design, Traffic, Light, Parks, Cultural Landscapes, Architecture and Landscape – have been the themed issues since the relaunch, representing the wide spectrum of topics in Topos. Large images, frequently a run of images in the center and a clear layout and modern typography on a fine paper make Topos a publication of visual and haptic appeal.

Of course, it’s the text that matters: Each one seeks an individual approach to the subject, new relations are established between totally different aspects of various disciplines resulting in the unmistakable composition of each issue. Reports, critiques, essays, and analysis alternate and offer new insights into the fascinating scope of landscape architecture.

Topos understands landscape to be all places where man lives and makes a living, naturally also including cities, and increasingly so. Urban planning topics complement landscape architecture, Urban Design in the title demonstrates that Topos focuses on interdisciplinary problem solving, not on landscape architecture as an insular activity.

Topos: The facts
Topos has now (January 2007) a circulation of 4,200 copies (2005: 3,000; 2006: 3,700). Medium-term goal: 6,000. The distribution is based primarily in direct subscriptions. Topos is also distributed through commercial bookstores. Marketing activities include direct mail campaigns, teleselling, public relations, and online promotion. The numbers distributed are controlled through IVW, the German equivalent to BPA. Subscription rates are staggered and are significantly lower in low-income countries.

Topos has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Mutual Support with the International Federation of Landscape Architects IFLA (ASLA is a member) and the International Society of City and Regional Planners ISOCARP. is the online presence of the journal; a Topos newsletter is planned for May 2007. The book series Edition Topos with ten books so far complements the portfolio. In addition, Topos is a media partner in the 50,000 Euro International Urban Landscape Award IULA held by Eurohypo, a major international investment bank.

Project Resources

Robert Schäfer, Tanja Gallenmüller, Peter Zöch, Thomas Jakob, Gesa Loschwitz

Verlag Georg D.W. Callwey GmbH & Co. KGHelmuth Baur-Callwey, Amos Kotte (CEO)

Graphic Design:
Heike Frese-Pieper, Sabine Hoffmann

Almuth Seebohm, Caroline Ahrens

Alexander Stix, Andreas Funk

Scan Operator:
Erasmus Winter

Marketing and Sales:
Ithres Marion-Mende

Lutz Benecke
Iris Ulenaers



Our understanding of cultural landscapes goes beyond Arcadian and bucolic landscapes. Accordingly, Topos also dedicated issues to wind parks (Southern Italy), aquaculture landscapes in Bangkok, historical settlements like Acoma and the changing landscapes of China. (Photo: Topos, sample from Topos 56, pages 14/15, photo and illustration Daniela Moderini, Giovanni Selano)

The design of open spaces is a central theme for Topos. For example new open spaces in Fredriksberg, Copenhagen. Stig Anderssons SLA redesigned squares and street spaces. Topos presents details, plans and images, texts - sometimes critical but never boring. (Photo: Topos, sample from Topos 54, pages 28/29, design SLA A/S, fotos Torben Petersen)

Landscape architecture is visual. The illustration of projects is an important aspect. In many issues Topos publishes a run of artistic photographs on the subject of city and landscape. "Neon Tigers" was an exhibition by Peter Bialobrzeski of Asian mega-cities. (Photo: Topos, sample from Topos 52, pages 48/49, photo Peter Bialobrzeski) is a service to readers and a continuously updated information medium. It features the main sections and an overview of all Topos issues and details on the current issue. Here, a screen shot from mid-Feburary 2007. (Photo: Topos,

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