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ASLA 2004 Professional Awards
ASLA 2004 Student Awards

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General Design Category

Recognizes: site-specific works of landscape architecture or urban design. Professional entries in this category must be built; Student Awards entries are not required to be built.

Typical entries include: public, institutional, or private landscapes of all kinds; historic preservation, conservation, or sustainable design; design for transportation or infrastructure; landscape art or installation; interior landscape design; and more.

Criteria: The jury will consider the quality of design and execution; design context and the expression of local or regional characteristics; environmental sensitivity and sustainability; and demonstration of design value to the client and to other designers.

Recognition: The Professional Awards Jury and the Student Awards Jury may each select one Award of Excellence and any number of Honor Awards.

General Design Category Rules and Entry Instructions

  • For professionals, at least the first stage of construction must be completed in order to be eligible. Student entries are not required to be built.
  • Individuals, firms, owners, public agencies, organizations, or other entities may enter the professional Design Category as long as the project’s creative team includes a landscape architect, a graduate of a landscape architecture program, or a faculty member of a landscape architecture program.

General Design Category Entry Instructions

  • All submission materials must fit into the official entry binder provided by ASLA. The binder contains 24 views in 8.5” x 11” format. The jury will not consider any items that are oversized or behind other items. Additional material not included in the binder views will be discarded.
  • Entries in this category must conceal the name of the landscape architect(s), other designers, students, and/or firm(s) responsible for designing the project. This information should be listed on the General Design Concealed Identification and Credit Form.
  • Entrants are responsible for clearing photographs with photographers for publication and reproduction by ASLA. ASLA will provide proper photography credit when using photos, but will not assume responsibility for any copyrights or photography fees.
  • Binder covers may not be altered in any manner.

Entry binders must contain the following items:

  1. Descriptive Data Summary: Complete the form and place the two (2) pages so that they show as the first two views of the Entry Binder.
    Professional General Design Descriptive Data Summary Form
    Student General Design Descriptive Data Summary Form
  2. Drawings and Photographs:
    • Submit at least five (5), but no more than fifteen (15), total drawings and/or photographs, in both hard copy and electronically on a CD-ROM (see details below).
    • Hard copy drawings and photographs must be 8” x 10” in either landscape or portrait format. No collages or smaller format photos will be accepted.
  3. Descriptions of Drawings and Photographs: On a separate, one-page, typed sheet, please provide one or two sentences describing each drawing and photo. Place the sheet in the view immediately following the photos in the Entry Binder.
  4. Plant List: Applicants are encouraged to submit a plant list, if applicable.
  5. Concealed Identification and Credit Form: Complete the appropriate General Design Concealed Identification and Credit Form and attach to the front cover of the Entry Binder with a paperclip (please do not staple).
    Professional General Design Concealed Identification and Credit Form
    Student General Design Concealed Identification and Credit Form
  6. Copy of Submission on CD-ROM [required]:
    • Save all Entry Binder contents on an IBM-compatible CD-ROM.
    • The Descriptive Data Summary, descriptions of drawings and photographs, and Concealed Identification and Credit form should be saved in a word processing application (such as rich text format, MS Word, WordPerfect, WordPad, etc.).
    • Photographs and drawings must be stored in JPEG format and the dimensions should be 3000 pixels x 2400 pixels, at a minimum of 300 ppi (pixels per inch). Label each image with your Entry Binder number and the number of the image. For example, if your entry number is “123,” you will label your JPEG files as 123-01, 123-02, 123-03, and so on.
    • Please label the CD-ROM jewel case with your Entry Binder number and secure the CD-ROM in the pocket inside the front cover of the Entry Binder.

To download and edit forms:

  • Place cursor over highlighted link;
  • Right click on mouse to show menu of options;
  • Click “Save Link/Target As” and save to your hard drive (under a name and place you can easily find);
  • Open with word processing application (MS Word, WordPerfect, WordPad, etc.).

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