Rain Garden at the Oregon Convention Center

Stormwater from any roof should be captured and treated so it doesn't overwhelm our stormwater infrastructure and pollute our rivers and lakes. The Rain Garden at the Oregon Convention Center demonstrates how even massive amounts of stormwater runoff from a 5.5-acre roof can be captured and treated. It's also a display of rainwater that calls your attention to the bounty of the Northwest landscape. The garden shows us both the challenges and opportunities of treating urban stormwater.

Located in the Lloyd District on Portland's east side, the garden consists of a series of planted water basins and basalt spillways designed to collect, clean, and retain all stormwater runoff from the Convention Center building expansion roof. 
Mayer/Reed designed and complete the rain garden in 2003. ZGF Architects was the building design firm and DEA and Associates were the civil engineers. The rain garden has won a number of design awards and is studied by landscape architecture students.

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