Zenger Farm

Before sustainability became the buzzword it is today, the Zenger family was acting it out on a daily basis. After inheriting the farm in 1954, Ulrich Zenger was determined to save the property from encroaching development and educate future generations on how to connect with the land. The project really got going in 1994 when the city became the owner and then leased it to local farmer Marc Boucher-Colbert, who also works with the rooftop garden at featured site Noble Rot restaurant. Boucher-Colbert then developed it into the current working farm that is also an agricultural and environmental classroom. The farm is now leased and managed by non-profit group Friends of Zenger Farm and is open to the public.

A full design team made Zenger Farm possible, including planners Maty Sauter and Aaron Abrams, Pivot landscape architecture and Lando and Associates; Ecotone, a wetlands consultant; and Erez Russo Architects; and engineers David Evans and Associates.

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