General Design Category

Award of Excellence

Reviving Yanomami Rights: Plant Matrix for Mercury Management

Alto Alegre, Amajari, Roraima, Brazil
Yuxin Jiang; Wei Gui, Student International ASLA; Zhengfei Yan, Student International ASLA; Yingjie Hu, Student International ASLA; Yunshan Wan, Student International ASLA; Shiqian Yang;
Faculty Advisors: Cundong Li;
Shanghai Jiaotong University
Sichuan University
Southeast University
China Architecture Design & Research

The illegal ASGM in Brazil has brought disasters to local indigenous people, including a series of problems dominated by mercury pollution in the ASGM process.

Based on this, we propose an ecological strategy with mercury recovery as the main line.

We determine the ecological process of mercury in the study area, so as to determine a complete strategy of mercury interception, mercury absorption, mercury collection, and mercury recovery. This is complemented by several strategies of land restoration, forest restoration, and indigenous economic revival.

Through external interventions, the injured lands will be restored to their former vitality. In the future, the indigenous people will be able to develop healthily on the land.

Honor Awards

A Self-Help Plan Based on Productive Green Space Systems

Cerro de Pasco, Pasco, Peru
Yu Wang, Student International ASLA; Jiayan Zhou, Student International ASLA; Yuhan Liu, Student International ASLA; Xinyu Li, Associate ASLA; Xinyi Bao, Student International ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Min Wang;
Huazhong Agricultural University

Re(de)fining Decomposition

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
Joyce Fong, Student ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Leena Cho;
University of Virginia

The Oasis of Baer's Pochard: Humanity in Harmony with Wetlands

Wuhan, Hubei, China
Yaqi Liu, Student International ASLA; Zijing Wan; Ruoshui Wang; Xiangyi Wang, Student International ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Shiyi Guo; Yan Zhou;
Wuhan University / Huazhong Agricultural University

Residential Design Category

Honor Awards

From Shelter to Home

Eugene, Oregon, United States
Madison Sanders, Student ASLA; Christina J Hardeman, Student ASLA; Mckenna O'Neill; Candi Rosario, Student ASLA; Kady Shiro; Cameron Coronado, Student ASLA; Tressa Cummings, Student ASLA; Giffin Glastonbury; Sarah Goldstein; Katherine Harrison; Basil Khalid, Student ASLA; Ted Meyer, Student ASLA; Holly Phares, Student ASLA; Tristan Matlock, Student ASLA; Jac Noland;
Faculty Advisors: Jean Yang; Benjamin Shirtcliff;
University of Oregon

Gentrification Vaccine: A Pioneering Housing Paradigm for Long Beach

Long Beach, California, United States
Shengtao Shen, Student International ASLA; Yifei Liang, Student International ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Jia Zhong; Qinyun Yang;
Sichuan Agricultural University
Sichuan University

Urban Design Category

Honor Awards

Harvest the Wind: Reshaping Urban Heat Island Through Urban Farming

New York City, New York State, United States
Wenxin Sun, Student International ASLA; Kunyu Wang; Yi Ma; Emily Zhai;
Faculty Advisors: Jun Zhai, ASLA;
Soochow University
Louisiana State Univeristy

The Gift of Volcanoes

Tongatapu, Tongatapu, The Kingdom of Tonga
Shuai Jiang; Xinyue Liu; Ziyun Yan; Sibei Dong; Yujing Wu, Student International ASLA; Tengfei Yu;
Faculty Advisors: Ling Yang;
Chongqing University
Milan Polytechnic University
University College London

Analysis and Planning Category

Honor Awards

Confrontation or Symbiosis

Tacoma, Washington, United States
Jia Jia, Student International ASLA; Ruonan Li; Yalin Zhai, Student International ASLA; You Zuo, Student International ASLA; Yezhen Xu; Nan Lin; Jiyuan Fang;
Faculty Advisors: Lei Wang; Dawei Xu; Bingxi Liu; Yunlong Yao;
Northeast Forestry University
Tongji University

Design Tactics for Climate-Based Migration in Biodiversity Corridors

Bladen Lakes Area, North Carolina, United States
Marybeth Campeau, Associate ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Madalyn Baldwin, Associate ASLA;
North Carolina State University

Designing Healthy Places in the American South: Montezuma, Georgia

Montezuma, Georgia, United States
Brooke Freeman, Associate ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Carley Rickles, ASLA;
University of Georgia

Hydrological Enclave: Adaptive Management of Non-water Supply Reservoir

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Shuyang Sun, Associate ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Xiaoxuan Lu, ASLA;
The University of Hong Kong

Retrieve the Lost Treasure: Forest Rehabilitation in Madagascar

Pu Wang, Student International ASLA; Siqun Zhang, Student International ASLA; Nomena Joelle Rakotonjanabelo;
Faculty Advisors: Ning Xu; Ying Tan;
Southeast University

Research Category

Award of Excellence

The Play Value of Plants

Lubbock, Texas, United States
Nazia Afrin Trina, Student ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Muntazar Monsur;
Texas Tech University

Plants have the potential to support all domains of early childhood development when carefully selected. This research exclusively focuses on the loose parts play value of plant parts in early childhood play and learning environments. Statistics regarding childcare centers in the USA show that the number of children who go to preschool every day is more than 11 million. Since the majority of preschoolers in the USA spend a large portion of their lives in childcare facilities, if different plants with play values can be introduced in the outdoor play areas of these childcare centers, then it can be a potential opportunity to promote the interaction of children with nature-based loose parts and enhance their play and learning behavior.

Honor Awards

Advancing Trauma-Informed Landscape Architecture

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Lauren Joca, Associate ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Celen Pasalar;
North Carolina State University

Built on Thawing Ice: Socio-Ecological Design in a Warming Arctic City

Utqiagvik, Alaska, United States
Judy Shao-Yu Chen; Yizhuo Chen; Yash Gadam; Jessica Huang, Associate ASLA; Mijeong Jung; Amy Schulz; Phoebe Tamminen; Nita Wareechatchai; Chen Yu; Yi Zhu, Student ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Leena Cho; Matthew Jull;
University of Virginia

Designing Spectrums

Ithaca, New York, United States
Benjamin Jensen, Associate ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Duarte Santo;
Cornell University

Equity in Landscape Architecture: Black Students’ Perspectives

Manhattan, Kansas, United States
Ayana Belk, Associate ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Stephanie Rolley, FASLA; La Barbara James Wigfall; Kerry Priest;
Kansas State University

Toward Dynamic Optimization: Combining AI and EBHDL for the Elderly

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Haiwei Li; Zhitong Zhang, Student International ASLA; Kang Liu; Wanjing Chen; Wei Wei; Xinyi Liu; Jiehang Xie; Mi Zhang; Zhishan Huang; Min Zhong; Chuling Cai; Xixi Huang; Yongqi Hou, Student International ASLA; Xiaoling Lin; Shunyao Yu; Yan Fang; Xinyue Feng;
Faculty Advisors: Chongxian Chen, International ASLA; Yu Xia; JIngyi Liu, International ASLA;
South China Agricultural University

Unearthing Water Efficiency: Clay Pot Irrigation Design & Fabrication

Eugene, Oregon, United States
Hannah Chapin, Associate ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Ignacio Lopez Buson;
University of Oregon

Communications Category

Honor Awards

Art (that) Works: Design Guidelines for Equitable Public Art

Manhattan, Kansas, United States
Katherine Herrera, Associate ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Jessica Canfield, ASLA;
Kansas State University

Children's Book and Learning Games on Indiana Native Plants & Habitats

West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Autumn McNinch, Associate ASLA; Chloe Kennedy, Associate ASLA; Kayla Kramer, Associate ASLA; Molly Wimberg; Wanting Zhang, Student ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Yiwei Huang, ASLA;
Purdue University

Point of Confluence: Re-thinking Large Landscape Infrastructure Design

Los Angeles, California, United States
Leslie Dinkin, Student ASLA; Lucia Bayley, Associate ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Alexander Robinson;
University of Southern California

The UC Davis Sheepmowers Project

Davis, California, United States
Chaoxun Yuan, Associate ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Haven Kiers, ASLA;
University of California, Davis (BSLA)

Walk to Learn: Exploratory Children's Field Journal for Epping Way

Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Nicole Columbus Norman, Associate ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Peter Summerlin, ASLA;
Mississippi State University

Student Collaboration Category

Award of Excellence

On the Edge: A Climate Adaptive Park for the Battleship NC Memorial

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States
Marguerite Kroening, Student ASLA; Stella Wang, Student ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Andrew Fox, FASLA; David Hill;
North Carolina State University

On the Edge proposes a redesign for the parklands surrounding the Battleship North Carolina. The reimagined site celebrates a challenging narrative of place that reveal and highlight multifaceted histories while embracing infiltrating water. The new park transcends physical composition, serving as a dynamic memorial space connecting people, time, ecology, and climate through the goals of integration, adaptability, preservation, and restoration. The design proposes numerous site-specific community amenities, including a visitor center, moveable tidal pavilion, memorial bridge, and hybrid shoreline. The result is a destination park that adapts to water as the climate and site shift, allowing the memorial to withstand the test of time.

Honor Awards

Caretakers + Placemakers of New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Omid Elhami; Georgia DeWitt, Student ASLA; Morgana Tetherow-Keller, Associate ASLA; Rachael Gautier, Associate ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Monique Bassey, ASLA;
Louisiana State University

Dynamic Roots

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States
Dillon Patel, Student ASLA; Joseph Lamonica, Student ASLA; Stephany Luna-Rivas, Student ASLA;
Faculty Advisors: Andrew Fox, FASLA; David Hill;
North Carolina State University

Student Community Service Category

Award of Excellence

Rooted in Resiliency

Cambridge, Iowa, United States
Jordyn Kloss, Associate ASLA; Daniela Paez; Josh Pollastrini; Elijah Williams; Hailey Holder; Cheyenne Gebhart; Tara Tilstra; Johanna Roszhart; Grace Pollack;
Faculty Advisors: Julie Stevens, ASLA;
Iowa State University

Relationships are the heart of this collaborative project. Relationships built between our team of interdisciplinary design students and a group of youth residing at a treatment services agency, most of whom have been dealt an unfair hand of risk factors leading to trauma, addiction, and/or homelessness. Our challenge was to design a new trauma-informed 54-acre recovery campus. Design solutions were created through a robust process involving evidence-based research, participatory design, and transformational design with, not for, youth. This experience was at once challenging and meaningful, and at times uncomfortable.

Honor Awards

Collaboration & Sharing: Promoting Healthy Life in Low-Income Community

Hefei, Anhui, China
Zihao He, Student International ASLA; Wenyi Sun; Saibo Li; Mengmeng Li; Nan Liu; Lang Qing; Qi Zhang; Yuting Wang; Haoyu Li; Tong Wu; Shuo Li; Suheng Yao; Shuohan Qiu; Hui Xu; Man Zhang;
Faculty Advisors: Hong Chen; Zouqi Zhao; Fan Zhang; Yuanyuan Su; Chunxiao Zhu;
Anhui University