Grand Junction Park and Plaza

Honor Award

General Design

Westfield, Indiana, United States
DAVID RUBIN Land Collective
Client: City of Westfield

Good to see green infrastructure that is well-loved, inclusive, and welcoming to a mix of people. The project addresses stormwater management through new and dynamic landscapes that captivate users’ curiosity while framing views and providing programming for the community.

- 2023 Awards Jury

Project Credits

HWKN Architecture, Design Architect

RATIO, Architect of Record

Bruce Mau Design, Graphics, Wayfinding, and Identity

Flatland Resources, Stream Restoration & Hydrology

Tillett Lighting, Lighting Design

KJWW, MEP Engineer

Lochmueller, Civil Engineer

Laufs Engineering Design, LLC, Structural & Facade Engineer

Fink Roberts & Petrie, Inc., Structural & Site Engineer

ETM Associates, Maintenance and Operations

Wilson Consulting, Specifications

RTM, Code Consultant

Stantec, Fountain and Ice Rink

Project Statement

Grand Junction overlays strategic infrastructure with communal amenity, creating a socially-purposeful, environmentally-resilient, and inclusive park in Westfield, Indiana. Following a 500-year storm event, what was to be a 7.8-acre civic park suddenly required a stormwater infrastructure solution. To resolve the threat of flooding, Cool Creek, which bifurcates the site, required stabilization and repair of its channelized profile. The park is now once again celebrated as a verdant setting where citizens can engage with the creek and each other.

Project Narrative

In response to a significant flood event that inundated the town, increased vulnerability from the escalating climate crisis, and an aspiration for recognition as a design-forward town, the City of Westfield, Indiana, has overlaid strategic infrastructure with communal purpose to create a socially-purposeful, environmentally-resilient, and inclusive park focused on human engagement. Grand Junction acknowledges Westfield as a nascent, northern complement to Indiana’s modernist mecca, Columbus, as it addresses climate change, stormwater management, and riparian corridor reparation with design excellence for a new people-forward park.

Two weeks following the landscape architect’s selection to design the city’s new 7.8-acre downtown park, a 500-year storm event flooded the burgeoning hamlet. What was to be a civic park for citizens to gather suddenly required a stormwater infrastructure solution. To resolve the threat of flooding, Cool Creek, which bifurcates the park site, required stabilization and repair of its channelized profile. Today, the creek is once again a feature of the City as it once was celebrated in documents pre-1850, which described a town where citizens could engage with the creek and each other in a verdant setting.

The beauty of Grand Junction’s resiliency is not just in the newly repaired riparian corridor, but also the ways in which the static engineered systems are wholly integrated through design. For example, the weir which tempers any overflow water during increasingly significant storm events is as much iconic play structure as it is efficient engineering. Now, when the 48” pipe which funnels Grassy Branch into the park is over capacity, the water fills the southern reservoir until it overflows, cascading across the weir’s pixelated, sloped surfaces, creating additional turbulence to slow the flow of water into the park’s southern aperture. It is both efficient and beautiful in its character with or without cascading stormwater present.

Grand Junction’s social overlay adds additional resiliency to the infrastructure that makes this central park possible. Repeat community engagement ensuring identity and accessibility were woven into the park’s composition. With an aspiration to be recognized nationally for a design-forward park, gatherings focused not just on park partis, but on how to extend the symbolic hand in greeting – an acknowledgement of the City's Quaker roots, and an invitation to participate to all.

With this unique approach, a new park was created with and for the citizens of Westfield and their friends around which downtown development will grow. Built where five trails converge alongside Cool Creek, it has not taken long for Grand Junction to become a place for people to meet, eat, relax, work, and explore. It is home to a café and winter skate rental facility, an ice rink, children’s playground, and in due course, an eye-catching outdoor stage and trailhead pavilion. Redefining an infrastructure project needed for the mitigation of flooding, Grand Junction has come to embrace its new mission: a lively town center park with social overlay. Now, residents can engage with each other and identify in an accessible park uniquely Westfield. Thanks to this design vision, the citizens of Westfield can participate in a more active, experiential, and human-engaged future, together.


  • Furniture
    • Landscapeforms - Studio431
    • mmcite
    • Forms+Surfaces
    • Maglin Site Furniture
  • Drainage/Erosion
    • ACO, Inc.
  • Fences/Gates/Walls
    • Precast Specialties, Inc
    • JAG Metal Solutions
  • Lumber/Decking/Edging
    • Border Concepts
  • Parks/Recreation Equipment
    • Kompan
  • Structures
    • Empire Quarry
  • Hardscape
    • Hanover Pavers
    • Vermont Structural Slate CompanyKafka Granite
  • Lighting
    • Lithonia Lighting
    • Ecosense Lighting
    • Lumenpulse
    • Beachside Lighting
  • Other
    • Skatestoppers - Skate Deterrents
    • Deckmaster - Deck Fastening System
    • Permaloc - Asphalt Edge
    • ISF Signs - Signage and Wayfinding
    • Wundercovers - Paver Trays

Plant List

  • Smooth Hydrangea
  • Common Witch Hazel
  • Winterberry Holly
  • Northern Spicebush
  • Northern Bayberry
  • Fragrant Low Growing Sumac
  • Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac
  • Sassafras
  • White Meadowsweet
  • American Black Elderberry
  • Mapleleaf Viburnum
  • Japanese Anemone
  • Wild White Indigo
  • Sideoats Grama
  • Blonde Ambition Blue Gramma Grass
  • Yellow Fox Sedge
  • Bur Sedge
  • Pennsylvania Sedge
  • Dixiewood + Hay Scented Fern
  • Virginia Wild Rye
  • Daylily 'Citrina' + 'Hyperion' + 'The Jury's Out'
  • Bottlebrush Grass
  • Hellebore 'Snow White'
  • Poverty Rush
  • Ostrich Fern
  • Green Bulrush
  • Tall Verbena
  • Chinese Trumpet Creeper
  • Boston Ivy
  • Jack In The Pulpit
  • Clayton's Sweetroot
  • May Apples
  • Wood Lily
  • Virginia Iris
  • Common Yarrow
  • Cornflower
  • Switch Grass
  • Sweet Black-Eyed Susan
  • Great Burnet
  • Little Bluestem