16th Street Station

Oakland, CA
Erik Jensen, Associate ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: David Meyer, ASLA; Chip Sullivan, ASLA; Joe McBride | University of California - Berkeley

34,000 Tons of Miracles

Busan, South Korea
Jeong Won Kwang, Student Affiliate ASLA; Um Sung Hyun, Student Affiliate ASLA | Undergraduate | Faculty Advisors: Lee Yoo Lick; Cho Jea Woo | Pusan National University



The Edgerly: The Next Generation of a Community Anchor

Somerville, MA
Edward Becker, Student ASLA; Will Cohen; Annemarie Gray; Jelani Karamoko; Kevin McDonald; Dara Yaskil; Maggie Tishman; Simon Willett, Student Affiliate ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Peter Roth
Harvard University Graduate School of Design & Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Spaces of Exception: Housing as a Common Framework

Somerville, MA
Jing Guo, Student ASLA; Hao Chen, Student ASLA; Fabiana Alvear, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Christopher Lee, Simon Whittle
Harvard University Graduate School of Design



Meridian of Fertility

Ann Arbor, MI
Reid Fellenbaum, Student Affiliate ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Rania Ghosn
University of Michigan

With current models predicting aquifer depletion as early as 2050, the Great Plains region approaches a critical threshold that will test the resilience of its productive landscape. In response, this project challenges the Jeffersonian grid by speculating that the future landscape will be annually reorganized by hyper-local climate prediction that responds to microtopography and soil typologies. A series of dynamic landscape infrastructures collect and interpret data to define a Meridian of Fertility where short grass prairie ends and insurable productivity begins.


The Wild Anacostia: cultivating a thick edge typology through everyday experience

Charlottesville, VA
Kate Hayes, Associate ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Elizabeth K. Meyer, FASLA; Leena Cho
University of Virginia

Migratory Lands Demonstration Project

St. Louis, MO
Emily Chen, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Kees Lokman
Washington University in St. Louis

The Plexus Spine of North Philly

Philadelphia, PA
Jacqueline Martinez, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Lucinda Sanders, FASLA, Michael Miller
University of Pennsylvania


Austin, TX
Kimberly Harding, Student ASLA; Yinrui Li, Associate ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Jason Sowell
University of Texas at Austin

Bigger Darby: A Landscape Approach for a Coherent & Resilient Watershed

Columbus, OH
Nathaniel Carvin, Associate ASLA; Tyler Chandler, Student ASLA; Wesley Cogan, Student ASLA; Michael Davis, Student ASLA; Alyssa Garcia, Student ASLA; Brock Heller, Student ASLA; Alexander Kelley, Student ASLA; Timothy Perkins, Student ASLA; Blake Rea, Associate ASLA; Marit Vaessin, Student ASLA; Christopher Watkins, Student ASLA; McKenzie Wilhelm, Associate ASLA; Haley Wolfe, Student ASLA | Undergraduate / Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Sarah Cowles, Nick Glase
The Ohio State University

Beyond Turf: Reinterpreting the Ecological Management of Vacant Landscapes

Baton Rogue, LA
Alexander Ochoa, Student ASLA | Undergraduate | Faculty Advisor: Wes Michaels, ASLA
Lousiana State University



Adaptive Streets: Strategies for Transforming the Urban Right-of-Way

Seattle, WA
Jordan Lewis, Student ASLA; Mike Schwindeller, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Nancy Rottle, ASLA
University of Washington


Charlottesville, VA
Danielle Alexander, Associate ASLA; Nicholas Knodt | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Ghazal Abbasy-Asbagh, Inaki Alday, Robin Dripps
University of Virginia



A Spatial Analysis of the Uncharted Territory of Growing Old

Charlottesville, VA
Harriett Jameson, Associate ASLA; Asa Eslocker, Associate ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Michael Lee
University of Virginia



Harvest Home

Washington, DC
Janet Conroy, Student Affiliate ASLA; Andrew Haskell, Student Affiliate ASLA; Julie Melear, Affiliate ASLA; Mary Sper, Student Affiliate ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Adele Ashkar, ASLA; Joan Honeyman, ASLA; Lauren Wheeler
George Washington University
Client: Wounded Warrior Homes

The future of sustainable residential design requires a paradigm shift from ‘greenwashing’ to fusing function, aesthetics, and sound regenerative ecological principles that nurture the environment and the human spirit. Harvest Home, a 2013 Solar Decathlon entry, showcased an affordable zero-energy house that harvests sun, water and wind to promote experiential healing for a military veteran battling physical and emotional trauma. Each landscape element interacts with the architecture to foster reconnection to family, community, and Earth.


The Prairie Club + Redefined

Muncie, IN
Thomas Arlowe; Carolyn Borcherding; Kelly Borgmann; Susannah Dragash; Jake Felton; Sarah Fischer; Chloe Franklin; Zachery Kassner; Michael Organ; Scott Poisel; Maria Wainscott, Student ASLA; Amy Yorko | Undergraduate | Faculty Advisor: Christopher Baas
Ball State University

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial: History, Design, and the American People

Muncie, IN
Drake D’Ambra, Yujie Dong, Sara Dreibelbis, Shane Dresch, Alaynee Fink, Spencer Harvey, Student ASLA, Ashlee Hayes, Brittany Held, Rebekah Hobbs, Christopher Kosinski, Kelly Miller, Tara Olivero, Kristina Powell, Zachery Rees, Student ASLA, Meghan Reidy, Julia Ricci, Weston Rogers, Student ASLA, Lauren Sherwood, Kayla Sprayue, Jacob Stachler, Student ASLA, Andrew Steingass, Student ASLA, Brandon Tomlins, Anna Weigand, Lemuel Young | Undergraduate | Faculty Advisors: Carla Corbin, ASLA, Martha Hunt, ASLA
Ball State University

Gardens, Greenspace and Health in Eliseo Collazos

Seattle, WA
Brooke Alford, Student ASLA; Leann Andrews, Student ASLA; Shara Feld; Gayna Nakajo, Associate ASLA; Rekha Ravindran; Francisca Salazar | Graduate | Faculty Advisors: Ben Spencer, Susan Bolton, & Joachim Voss
University of Washington



Ratang Bana AIDS Orphanage Playscape

San Luis Obispo, CA
Michael Aguas, Student ASLA; Alexander Clark, Associate ASLA; Andrew Elias, Associate ASLA; Alex Henige, Student ASLA; Alix Kidwell, Student ASLA; Joanne Mark, Student ASLA; Amanda McCaulley, Student ASLA; Erica Monson, Student ASLA; Rachel SantaOlalla, Student ASLA; Nicholas Tuttle, Student ASLA; Anthony Webster, Student ASLA; Julianna Wild, Student ASLA | Faculty Advisors: David J. Watts | Undergraduate
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
Client: Ratang Bana AIDS Orphanage

Thirteen undergraduate landscape architecture students undertook the design and construction of a playground for the Ratang Bana Aids Orphanage in Alexandra Township, South Africa. In partnership with Kidlinks World charity, the project overcame constraints of time and money to provide hope for the more than 350 children the orphanage serves. The project strengthened the physical presence of the orphanage in the community, enhanced child development, and provided a safe environment for the children.


The Hastings-on-Hudson Community Street Tree Inventory

Ithaca, NY
Brett Schneiderman, Student ASLA | Graduate | Faculty Advisor: Nina Bassuk
Cornell University

Creating Home, A Healing Garden for Veterans and their Families

Seattle, WA
Steven Triguerio, Associate ASLA, Scott Jones, Student ASLA, Todd Yingling, Associate ASLA | Undergraduate | Faculty Advisors: Daniel Winterbottom, FASLA; Jeremy Watson; Amy Wagenfeld
University of Washington