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Washington, DC, September 6, 2005—The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has announced the recipients of its 2005 Student Awards. The awards will be presented during the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO, October 7-10, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The seven person jury selected 16 projects representing 13 schools to receive awards. Click here to view the student PowerPoint. Or download the PowerPoint Here. (Works best on Mac OS.)

general Design

Award of excellence

Vivero Metropolitano: A Productive Nursery Landscape for Monterrey, Mexico
Kate Kennen, Student ASLA

Harvard Design School
Advisors: Leland D. Cott, FAIA, and Mario Schjetnan, FASLA





Revealed Resilience: An Extension of Roberto Burle Marx's Parque del Este
Sarah Weidner, Student ASLA

The University of Pennsylvania
Advisor: Anita Berrizbetia




Pike Place Park/Structure - Toward A Hybrid Morphology of Architecture, Landscape, and Urban Infrastructure
Shoji Kaneko, Student ASLA

University of Washington
Advisors: Jeff Hou and Julie Johnson, ASLA



Kira Appelhans, Student ASLA, and Maura Rockcastle, Student ASLA

The University of Pennsylvania
Advisor: Keith Kaseman


Analysis & Planning


Sustainable Milwaukee
Ruth Stafford, Student ASLA and JenniFer Strauss Hendricks, Student ASLA, and Veronica Meacham, Student ASLA

University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
Advisors: Dr. David Kovacic, Affiliate ASLA, and Matthew Tucker



Urban Infrastructure Strategy: Phased Neighborhood Retrofit
sky Allen, Student ASLA

School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, University of Adelaide
Advisor: Gale Fulton



Bear River Greenway master Plan/Bear Rive Ecological Corridor Restoration
Lori Porreca, Student ASLA, sara sevy, Student ASLA, kris kvarfordt, Student ASLA, susan buffler, Student ASLA, chad kennedy, Student ASLA, and laura mccoy, Student ASLA

Utah State University
Advisors: Peter Kumble, ASLA, and Craig Johnson




X Zone
Meredith schildwachter, Student ASLA, and kyle Hebel, Student ASLA

University of Colorado at Denver
Advisors: Leila Tolderlund, Associate ASLA, and Anthony Mazzeo





Phytoremediation: A New Avenue For Landscape Architecture
Pamela Brown, Student ASLA

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Advisor: Joan M. Safford, ASLA



Dissertation: "Women as Force in Landscape Architecture, 1893-1942"
Thaisa way, Student ASLA

School of Architecture, Art, & Planning, Cornell University
Advisor: Leonard Mirin, Daniel Krall, ASLA, and Herbert Gottfried



Fool's Gold: Audubon International Certification as a Predictor of Foraging Habitat Suitability for Wading Birds, a case study.
Robert G. Collins, STUDENT ASLA

Mississippi State University
Advisor: Susan J. Mulley



Award of excellence

Site Unseen
Allen Compton, Student ASLA

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Advisors: Joan Woodward, ASLA, and Jeff Juarez

Community Service Award

Community Studio
A Collaborative of Volunteer Designers

University of British Columbia
Advisors: Patrick Condon, ASLA, Cynthia Girling, ASLA, and Doug Paterson, ASLA


Student collaboration




Award of Excellence

Building Green for the Future: Case Studies of Sustainable Development in Michigan
Allyson Pumphrey, Student ASLA, and PETER ACUFF, STUDENT ASLA

University of Michigan
Advisor: Larissa Larsen, PhD, ASLA



The Spill: Utilizing the Active Method to Combat the Growing Combined Sewer Overflow Epidemic
Morgan A. Burke, Student ASLA, allison Harness, Student ASLA, and yi hong, Student ASLA

Purdue University
Advisors: Kim Wilson, ASLA, and Loring Nies




Alternative Futures for Tepotzotlán, México

Liat Margolis, Student ASLA, Alex Robinson, Student ASLA, Patrick Curran, Student ASLA
Harvard Design School
Advisors: Carl Steinitz, Honorary ASLA, and Victoria and Alexander Wiley

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