Letter from the Co-Chairs of the Children’s Outdoor Environments PPN
by Jena Ponti Jauchius and Julie Johnson

As schoolchildren embark on summer adventures, this newsletter offers inspiring examples of design landscapes for children to discover, play, and learn.  Special thanks to Lisa Horne for bringing this newsletter together as well as writing a book review of  Richard Louv's The Nature Principle, and to those who provide an array of insights through their articles:

  • Sharon Danks wrote "It Takes a Village: A School Community in California Collaborates to Create a Vibrant Green Schoolyard at Rosa Parks Elementary School."
  • Anna Karina Johansen contributed "Growing the Imagination:  Hidden Hollow at Heritage Museums and Gardens."
  • Carol A. Krawczyk provided "A Post-Occupation Evaluation of the Indoor Children’s Garden at Longwood Gardens."

Collectively, these articles highlight the importance of examining how a design performs over time and use, and how this may shape change, whether by the designer or the users themselves. We believe such reflection is essential, to learn what makes a place meaningful and how a designed landscape may continue to evolve to nurture those meanings and values for children. We hope that you enjoy drawing new insights from these three articles, as well as the review of Richard Louv's The Nature Principle.

In addition, there are some exciting developments noted in the Announcements section—check out information on:

  • An upcoming Natural Child Play Roundtable Discussion submitted by Aris Stalis; and
  • The San Diego Children and Nature Collaborative submitted by Ilisa Goldman

And finally, we hope you'll take part in the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO in Phoenix this fall, including the Children's Outdoor Environments PPN meeting there! 

Jena Ponti Jauchius and Julie Johnson
Co-Chairs, Children’s Outdoor Environments PPN

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