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While ASLA doesn't have a formal policy in place on genetically modified plants, our position can be summed up thusly:

The American Society of Landscape Architects believes that the current federal approval process for genetically modified plants would benefit from the addition of an intermediate review by an independent panel of experts representing the full spectrum of knowledge in the field. ASLA's concern regarding genetically modified plants does not lie with any one company, product, university, or government agency. Rather, ASLA is concerned about the larger issue of which genetically modified plants are approved for distribution, and if the consequences of their introduction to the environment are adequately explored and weighed against their benefits.

"We will gain from a review process of genetically modified plants made with the benefit of a full range of scientific and professional knowledge. Ideally, representatives from all the appropriate disciplines, from plant geneticists to horticulturists to prospective customers will contribute to this discussion," said ASLA president Len Hopper, FASLA.


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