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The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), in cooperation with ARCOM Master Systems, has recently introduced and is continuously improving MASTERSPEC ®, the only guide specification system available to landscape architects.

 MASTERSPEC ® has more than 57 (and the number is increasing every quarter) sections selected from Divisions 1 through 16, with special emphasis on Site Construction for use on your projects. Specifications cover: bed and pit preparation, fertilizing, staking, topsoiling, mulching, and initial maintenance for planting trees, shrubs, ground covers, and plants. Lawns and grasses include seeding, sodding, sprigging, and stolonizing options. Site construction includes site clearing, topsoil stripping, tree protection, earthwork, concrete paving, unit pavers, and segmental retaining walls. Cast-in-place precast concrete has been included, along with stone masonry veneer, metal fabrications, rough carpentry, and heavy timber construction.

 MASTERSPEC ® provides extensive guidance and information, including the following:

  • Cover Sheets: An overview of the section scope and content and information about related products in other sections.

  • Evaluation Sheets: A qualitative overview of products and a discussion of relevant technologies. Includes lists of publications, standards, and manufacturers. This comprehensive resource tool guides you in writing and editing accurate specifications.

  • Section Text: Actual specifications, in three-part CSI format, edited to suit project needs. Specifier notes and cross-references to the Evaluation Sheets, alert the landscape architect to technical issues critical to the specification. You may edit the MASTERSPEC ® section to produce either in-house masters or project-unique specifications.

  • Drawing Coordination and Specification Coordination Checklists: A quality-control check to coordinate terminology and project requirements as detailed in the Specifications and on the Drawings. You may use these lists to ensure Project Manual coordination.
MASTERSPEC ® is written by an experienced staff of specification writers. MASTERSPEC ® is reviewed by committees of practicing design and specification professionals that provide guidance in developing sections. MASTERSPEC ® is regularly updated to incorporate new standards, guidelines, publications, and available products and manufacturers. MASTERSPEC ® provides toll-free, unlimited technical and customer support.

 MASTERSPEC ® is available in reference manuals and in WordPerfect ® and Microsoft ® Word for Windows formats.

If you would like more information, sample sections, or a demo disk, please contact:

ARCOM Master Systems
332 East South Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111-3309
tel: 1-800-424-5080 or 1-801-521-9162
fax: 1-801-521-9163

Questions? Comments? Let us know at scahill@asla.org

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