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At the Mt. Zion Clinical Cancer Center in San Francisco,
a man finds solace in the hospital garden.
See "Hospital Oasis." 36


Letters • 9
Land Matters • 19
Riprap • 20

A slightly irregular look at the new and noteworthy.
Edited by Heather Hammatt, ASLA

On the Boards • 26
A student uses AutoCAD and other software to illustrate London's contemporary design potential.
By Heather Hammatt, ASLA

Plants • 28
Invasive Trees
The first in a series on invasives and their effects on the larger landscape.
Don Brigham, Jr., ASLA
Details • 32
Defying Gravity
An infinite-edge pool in New England.
By Elizabeth Gourley

Design • 36
Hospital Oasis
Through a participatory design process, a failed Tommy Church garden in San Francisco is reconfigured as an exemplary therapeutic landscape.
By Clare Cooper Marcus

Ecology • 42
Green Resources
Information resources for landscape architects doing green building.
Meg Calkins, ASLA

Green Building Information Resources
(An expanded version of the resource list in the Ecology department of Landscape Architecture magazine, October 2001)

Technology • 46
Web-Based Project Management
Current software permits design and planning input from team members and stakeholders in widely dispersed locations.
By James L. Sipes, ASLA
Planning • 52
From Slag Heap to Urban Chic
A slag heap is reborn as a New Urbanist community in Pittsburgh.

By Michael Leccese

Practice • 60
Grave Matters
Landscape architects play a role in the preservation of historic cemeteries and burial grounds in Massachusetts .
By Heather Hammatt, ASLA

Shared Wisdom • 88
Making Pictures
Photographer Chris Faust encourages new questions.
By Frank Edgerton Martin

Books • 92
Product profiles • 102
Buyer's Guide Index • 104
Display Ad Index • 129
Critic at Large • 132
Waterfront Park Gets a Rave Review
A columnist for the Louisville Courier-Journal responds to LAM's recent article on Louisville's new park.
By David V. Hawpe

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