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Letters • 7
Land Matters • 11
Riprap • 12
A slightly irregular look at the new and noteworthy.
Edited by Heather Hammatt, asla

On the Boards • 18
Dramatic environments transform the landscape into a Renaissance setting for classical theatre.
By Heather Hammatt, asla

Plants • 20
Tree Staking and Guying
Benefit or detriment?
By Anne Spafford

Details • 22
Outdoor Heating Systems
Winter comfort indoors.
By Elizabeth Gourley

Design • 24
Leading with Initiative
Students contribute to the profession with award-winning ideas and applications.
By Heather Hammatt, asla

Practice • 32
Designing for War
More than fifty years ago, a special class of landscape architects helped shape the outcome of World War II.
By Kim A. O'Connell

Technology • 36
Video on the Web
How to add a dynamic element to your web site.
By James Sipes, asla
Ecology • 42
Ecological Schoolyards
A two-year study of thirty schoolyards yields guidelines for designing such gardens.
By Sharon Gamson Danks

Planning • 48
City Currents
Philadelphia's new waterfront begins to emerge
after thirty-three years.

By Linda Stein, asla

Shared Wisdom • 82
Space Over Time
Robert Royston continues his interest in creating spaces.
By Danielle Machotka

Books • 84
Buyer's Guide Index • 98
Display Ad Index • 125
New Products • 126
Resources • 127
Critic at Large • 128
Waterfront Failure
Why is this Seattle park so little used?
By Mark Hinshaw

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