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Letters • 7
Land Matters • 13
Riprap • 14

A slightly irregular look at the new and noteworthy.
Edited by Heather Hammatt, asla

On the Boards • 20
Artifacts of the radio age shape a public park.
By Heather Hammatt, asla

Plants • 22
Specifying Native Plants
Beware of bogus 'natives'.
By C. Colston Burrell

Details • 26
Canal Stone Coping
Reuse of historic materials.
By Kent Sundberg, asla

Design • 28
Jump into Nature
Experimental techniques and materials push the limits of garden design.
By Heather Hammatt, asla

Planning • 34
Home on the Plantation
A new, old-fashioned community makes a home for people and the environment.
Lisa Speckhardt

Technology • 40
Site Modeling Simplified
Basic principles for streamlining the 3D modeling process.
By Timothy P. Johnson
Ecology • 48

Sustainability Disdained
Why isn't this exemplary, prize-winning project going to be built?
Kim Sorvig
Practice • 54
Distance Learning: Back to the Future
The changing face of professional education.
By Patrick A. Miller, fasla

Shared Wisdom • 86
Sticking With It
The space between art and landscape architecture is sculpted with a twist.
By Heather Hammatt, asla

Books • 90
Buyer's Guide Index • 104
Product profiles • 128
Display Ad Index • 129
Critic at Large • 132
Learning from Downsview
Learning from Downsview But the competition winners could learn a few things from landscape architects.
By Alan Berger

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