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A new computer game allows virtual off-roading in national parks.
See Riprap. 14


Letters • 10
Land Matters • 13
Riprap • 14

A slightly irregular look at the new and noteworthy.
Edited by Heather Hammatt, ASLA

On the Boards • 20
Transforming an edge of the San Francisco Bay into a theater of views.
By Heather Hammatt, ASLA

Plants • 22
Allergy-Free Plants
Should landscape architects begin to consider pollen as a factor in plant selection?
Thomas Leo Ogren and Robin Casey Wood
Details • 26
Making Space
An engaging garden wall unveils a new attitude toward bluestone.
By Elizabeth Gourley

Design • 28
Beyond Business as Usual
The community of Civano combines neotraditional and sustainable community development in the Arizona desert.
By Rebecca Fish Ewan

Ecology • 32
Will Wildfire Ravage Our Profession?
Fire-protection laws now require scalped landscapes for homes on the urban fringe.
Kim Sorvig

Technology • 40
Basic Bits and Bytes
Taking care of the computer infrastructure for daily needs.
By Brian D. Lee and MaraLee Gabler, Assoc., ASLA
Planning • 44
The Road Is a Visitor
Making a Montana highway respectful of the environment through which it passes.

By Clair Enlow

Practice • 48
Before New Urbanism
Postwar subdivisions offer surprising lessons.
By Frank Edgerton Martin

Books • 72
Shared Wisdom • 74

A Solid Foundation
A landscape architect works to resurrect a dying art.
By Lisa Speckhardt

Product profiles • 86
Buyer's Guide Index • 88
Display Ad Index • 113
Critic at Large • 116
Walking Around the Guggenheim
The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, has been hailed as a design triumph. But does it really fit its urban setting?
By Judith K. De Jong

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