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Artist Mierle Ukeles celebrates the history and energy of places most people would rather ignore.
Here, she tests materials for a spiral-galaxy image to be installed at Danehy Park, a former landfill.
See 'The Art in Decomposition'


Letters • 7
Land Matters • 13
Riprap • 14

A slightly irregular look at the new and noteworthy.
Edited by Heather Hammatt, asla

On the Boards • 20
Landscape becomes a living memorial as post-famine Ireland is recreated in New York City.
By Heather Hammatt, asla

Plants • 22
On the Move
Transplanting a tree takes mere hours, but success depends on a longer commitment.
Heather Hammatt, asla
Details • 26
The Grotto Fountain
History, context, and civil engineering are integrated in the design of an urban fountain.
By Kevin W. Sloan

Design • 30
Beauty and a Botanic Garden
A Barcelona garden's unusual geometry provides ground for Mediterranean plant communities.
By Brenda J. Brown

Ecology • 38
Leaving Las Vegas
Stormwater that flows out of this desert city is restoring a wetland oasis.
Robert France

Technology • 44
Interacting with the Web
3-D modeling and other features for landscape architects.
By James L. Sipes, asla
Planning • 48
The Northwest Forest Plan
Do landscape architects have a role in ecological forest management?

By Frank Edgerton Martin

Practice • 54
Landscape Architecture: On a Slippery Slope?
With an anticipated decline in practicing landscape architects and shifts in academic programs potentially luring students away, is the landscape architecture profession in trouble?
By Lisa Speckhardt

Shared Wisdom • 84
The Art in Decomposition
An artist finds that the most valuable landscapes are often those we would rather forget.
By Kim A. O'Connell

Books • 86
Product profiles • 96
Buyer's Guide Index • 98
Display Ad Index • 125
Critic at Large • 128
Shortchanging Spokane
The city has failed to capitalize on its riverfront park.
By Mark Hinshaw

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