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Computer animation allows a viewer to "fly" through a 3-D model like this one.
See "Revisiting Animation." 48


Letters • 7
Land Matters • 13
Riprap • 14

A slightly irregular look at the new and noteworthy.
Edited by Heather Hammatt, ASLA

On the Boards • 20
An open call for ideas to renew an urban plaza for the 21st century begins a valuable design dialogue.
By Heather Hammatt, ASLA

Plants • 24
Heading Off an Exotic Invasion
The next in a series on nonnative species.
C. Colston Burrell
Details • 28
Making a Connection
A group of Clemson University students gain practical experience designing and constructing an artful stream crossing within the South Carolina Botanical Garden.
By Heather Hammatt, ASLA

Design • 30
The Consolation of Open Spaces
In an insecure age, the Minneapolis Federal Reserve is a case study for landscape architects.
By Frank Edgerton Martin

Ecology • 36
Concrete for a Sustainable Environment
Specifying a concrete with less environmental impact.
Meg Calkins, ASLA

Planning • 42
Biking Under the Big Sky
Is human-powered transportation viable in Montana's wide-open spaces?
By Don Brigham, Jr., ASLA
Technology • 48

Revisiting Animation
Recent advances make animations easier to create.
By Madis Pihlak, ASLA
Practice • 54
The Quest for Licensure: Part I
Successful application and preparation for the Landscape Architect Registration Examination can be a daunting prospect.
By Heather Hammatt, ASLA

Shared Wisdom • 84
Preaching the Gospel of Place
Fred Kent of the Project for Public Spaces urges landscape architects to create "people places."
By Susan Hines

Books • 86
Product profiles • 98

Buyer's Guide Index • 100
Display Ad Index • 121
Critic at Large • 124
Learning from Reston
This Virginia development was a bold attempt to create an urban center in suburbia. Forty years later, how is it faring?
By Andrea Oppenheimer Dean and Allen Freeman

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