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Landscapes like the gardens at Val Verde in California are at risk. See Riprap. 12
Cultural Landscape Foundation


Letters • 7
Land Matters • 11
Riprap • 12

A slightly irregular look at the new and noteworthy.
Edited by Heather Hammatt, ASLA

On the Boards • 18
Public process, environmental concern, and strong design result in a cohesive civic center in Seattle.
By Heather Hammatt, ASLA

Plants • 22
Living Memorials
Sometimes the most compelling memorials are unintentional.
Don Brigham, Jr., ASLA
Details • 26
Tree Huggers of a Different Sort
Innovative bike racks protect trees while giving bicyclists a place to tie up.
By Lisa Speckhardt

Design • 28
A Landscape Comes to Life
The sculpture garden at the Norton Simon Museum features an animated mix of pond, plants, and people.
By Emily Young

Ecology • 34
Governing Green
Increasing numbers of municipal green building programs are offering incentives for sustainable landscape architecture.
Meg Calkins, ASLA

Planning • 40
The Start of Something Grand
Planning and development of the Grand Canyon Greenway.
By Joseph Ewan and Rebecca Fish Ewan
Technology • 44

Security on the Web
Protecting your data and personal information from viruses and hackers.
By James L. Sipes, ASLA
Practice • 50
L.A. Laws
More communities are drafting landscape ordinances that protect green infrastructure-and change how landscape architects practice.
By Buck Abbey, ASLA

Shared Wisdom • 80
Field Trips Into History
William Tishler, FASLA, teaches us the cultural values of everyday landscape.
By Frank Edgerton Martin

Books • 82
Product profiles • 92

Buyer's Guide Index • 94
Display Ad Index • 117
Critic at Large • 120
An Empty Puzzle
Where are the children in San Diego's Children's Park?
By Mark Hinshaw

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