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The road leading from a hobbit burrow is part of the journey in Lord of the Rings.
See "Landscape Journeys." 136
pierre vinet / new line cinema, copyright 2001


Letters • 9
Land Matters • 17
Riprap • 18

A slightly irregular look at the new and noteworthy.
Edited by Heather Hammatt, ASLA

On the Boards • 24
Local designers seek to harness the emotion and attraction of the public drawn to the site of the World Trade Center disaster, transforming the barriers into a living edge.
By Heather Hammatt, ASLA

Plants • 28
Controlling Invasive Exotic Plants
The next in a series on invasive species.
C. Colston Burrell
Details • 32
Scene Steeler
Life imitates art in this privacy wall built of industrial-strength metal plates.
By Emily Young

Design • 34
Pearl of Wisdom
The transformation of Portland's Pearl District demonstrates lessons learned from other cities.
By Mark Hinshaw

Ecology • 42
Compost and the Landscape Architect
New standards make compost more reliable for landscape use.
Ron Alexander

Planning • 48
After the Oil Rigs
In Los Angeles, "one big park" joins diverse neighborhoods.
By Morris Newman
Technology • 54

Tangible Infoscapes
Multi-layered manipulative platforms that integrate digital and physical representations will provide a major discourse in design and planning processes.
By Eran Ben-Joseph
Practice • 60
LA Evangelists
Landscape architects are bringing word of the profession to schoolchildren.
By Lisa Speckhardt

Shared Wisdom • 92
Building on "Street Energy"
Landscape architect Walter Hood challenges conventional ideas about streets, parks, and people.
By Lisa Owens-Viani

Books • 96
Product profiles • 110

Buyer's Guide Index • 112
Display Ad Index • 133
Critic at Large • 136
Landscape Journeys: Is the Designed Landscape Letting Us Down?
Lessons from movies and computer games remind landscape architects of old responsibilities.
By Edward Flaherty, asla

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