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ESRI Virtual Campus Program

The ESRI Virtual Campus offers self-paced GIS (Geographic Information Systems) training on the World Wide Web.

The ESRI Virtual Campus ( houses a worldwide learning community whose members share ideas and expertise in a supported environment. Our interactive courses explain GIS concepts, explore real spatial examples and problems, and offer hands-on exercises to help students learn by doing, all from the convenience of the office or home. You can control when, what, where, and how fast courses are taken.

Registered members may enter discussions with fellow classmates and expert instructors from all over the world, test their skills and knowledge as they progress through courses, and after the final exam, earn a certificate of completion from ESRI.

The GIS courses offered are divided into three sections:

Technology courses that focus on ESRI software and their extensions

Application courses that allow you to apply your knowledge of the software with different real-world markets and fields

Science courses that deal with the basic principles of GIS theory

Web-based training is for motivated learners who want or need flexibility in their training schedule or location and for those who cannot afford the time away from work to attend traditional classes. ESRI Virtual Campus courses are recommended for individuals who seek accessibility, convenience, timeliness, and the ability to control their own learning experience in a dynamic learning environment. ESRI Virtual Campus courses also help organizations leverage their investments in instructor-led training by having staff members trained in ESRI instructor-led classes mentor those who take Web-based training.

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ESRI Virtual Campus

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