ASLA Announces 2003 Student Awards


WASHINGTON, DC, October 10, 2003 —The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has announced the Recipients of its 2003 Student Awards. Of the 210 entries submitted for consideration, the seven-member jury selected 14 projects to receive first-place Awards in 10 categories and 29 projects to receive special commendations in seven categories. The Awards will be presented during the ASLA Annual Meeting, October 30-November 3, in New Orleans.

CATEGORY: Research

  • Undergraduate Individual Award Recipients

    First Place
    Jennifer K. Margison, Student ASLA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas — Station Area
    Redevelopment for Rural Communities

    Manuel Arencibia, Associate ASLA, University of Florida — A Redevelopment of Cuban Memorial Boulevard and the Latin Quarter

  • Undergraduate Team Award Recipients

    First Place
    Ryan R. Binkowski, Associate ASLA, and Aaron Feldman-Grosse, Associate ASLA, The Pennsylvania State University — I Sassi Di Matera: A Landscape Interpreted

    Michele Schuster, Brooke Ingram, Nicolette Slagle, Rebecca Mitchell, and Emily Volgstadt,
    The Pennsylvania State University — Principles of Urban Spatial Design - Piazza della Rotunda

  • Graduate Individual Award Recipients

    First Place

    George Hazelrigg, Associate ASLA, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University— The Thickness of Landscape, Horizontally and Vertically Considered

    Jeff Maxwell, Associate ASLA, University of Florida — Restorative Environments & Landscape Architecture in Healthcare Settings
    Sivaya Parasivam, Associate ASLA, University of Minnesota — Spirit Island Native American Holocaust Memorial
    Kelly Alison Pugh, Student ASLA, University of Texas at Arlington — Straighter is Not Always Better
    Lori L. Pullman, Associate ASLA, California Polytechnic State University, Pomona — The Creativity Experience
    Kimberly L. Rennick, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University — Process: A Strategy for Developing Place Attachment and Community Life
    Steven Rasmussen Cancian, University of California, Berkeley — Sidewalk Living Rooms
    Nandita Godbole, University of Illinois — User Dynamics in Two Neighborhood Parks, Bombay, India

  • Graduate Team Award Recipient

    First Place
    Sadahisa Kato, Student ASLA, and Stanley J. Szwalek, III, University of Michigan — Revealing the Japanese Garden

  •   Second Professional Individual Award Recipients  

    First Place
    Steve Roelof, University of Oregon — Inevitable Emergence
    Claire Dorlac-Leach, University of Oregon — An Artist's Garden

    CATEGORY: Design   

  •   Undergraduate Individual Award Recipients

    First Place
    Jen Degidts, University of Guelph — Integrating Bird Habitat with Golf Course Design
    Kristina White, University of Guelph — Green Roofs: Second Nature
    Laura Thompson, Ball State University — Pavonine Park: A Residential Park at 14th and U Sts., Washington, DC

    Jeff Schurek, Associate ASLA, University of Guelph — Uncommon Ground: Revelation of the Urban Experience
    Elizabeth A. Scott, Student ASLA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas — Mojave Plaza
    Emily Mann, University of Guelph — The Philosophy of Design
    Jeph Brown, University of Guelph — Redesigning Naturalistic Zoo Habitats for Animal Comfort and Visibility
    Holly Purvis, University of Guelph — The New Face of Urban Agriculture
    Saya Nakano, University of Guelph — Revealing the Flow of the City
    B. Cannon Ivers, Colorado State University — Nokhu Crags Resort, Colorado

  •   Undergraduate Team Award Recipients

    First Place
    Brock Reimer, Student ASLA, and Ken Gibson, Kansas State University Tierra Segunda

    Shawn Balon, Student ASLA, Patrick Kelly, Student ASLA, Mark Stuermann, Student ASLA, and Laura Voelz, Student ASLA, Clemson University Active Discovery Education
    Shannon Lee Mohr and Timothy John Norder, Michigan State University Echo
    Melissa Gumbis and Tonya Hunter, Michigan State University A Sound Experience
    Kevin Burch and Jonathan Nutt, West Virginia University Cincinnati Central Riverfront Park
    Joshua Turnbull and Travis Webb, Arizona State University Phoenix Rio Salado Multi-Cultural Pathway
    Josh Metzger, Anne McKisson, and Amy Groner, Ohio State University Applebrook
    Joseph Charles and April Dewart, Rutgers University Designing the High Line: The Synergy of Nature and Culture

  • Graduate Individual Award Recipients

    First Place

    Sansern Kiatsupaibul, University of Florida Urban Revitalization Through Green Infrastructure at Allapattah Neighborhood, Miami

    Huilai Shi, Student ASLA, University of Pennsylvania La Carlota: Plotting the Hidden City
    Pallavi Shashank Shinde, Student ASLA, University of Georgia Stormwater: The Flow from Liability to Asset
    Anne Samuel, University of Virginia High Water Line

    Robin Carmichael, University of Virginia Threshold
    Patricia Sharpe, University of Toronto Getaway

  • Graduate Team Award Recipients

    First Place 
    Scott Chastain, Student ASLA, Matthew Edwards, and Bradley L. Martin, Auburn University Borderlands
    Susan E. Atkinson, Student ASLA, and Kuo-Liang Liao, Student ASLA, University of Texas at Arlington Native American Music Garden

    Fan Wang, Student ASLA, and Monica Lynne Mahoney, University of Arizona Urban Meridian: Panama City Waterfront Restoration
    John Fishback and Josh Segal, Student ASLA, California Polytechnic State University, Pomona Developing a New Suburbanism

  • Second Professional Individual Award Recipients

    First Place
    David Fletcher, Harvard University Taylor Yard Master Plan

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