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2002 Award Winners
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Merit Award -- Communications

Eib's Pond Park Brochure

Linda Pollak, Assoc. ASLA, and Sandro Marpillero, Fellows of the Design Trust for Public Space, with Geraldine Monier, project intern

Linda Pollak
Designer, Community Advocate
Marpillero Pollak Architects
132 Duane Street, #1
New York, NY 10013
Tel: 212-619-5560
Fax: 212-619-5561

Statement of Purpose: The project was undertaken by us in order to build advocacy for the park, which is located in an underserved urban community .The intent is to make visible the beauty of the park and explain the significance of a freshwater wetland, to describe work that has been done at the park so far, and to give a sense of what remains to be accomplished. The goal is to build on what already exists by increasing community involvement and helping potential funders understand what they could be supporting.

The brochure was designed and developed by us over the period of a year, working hand in had with community members, so that everyone would be comfortable with how the park is represented, and with approvals from the NYC Parks Department.

The philosophy, particularly as represented in the timeline, is to give a sense of the park as a social-natural space, which has changed identity over time. It is a sublime space, but it is not 'eternal' nature. Rather it is a newly reclaimed space. The project's uniqueness has to do with the multivalent identity of the park as an urban wetland: that it is natural and urban at the same time. The entrants were responsible for all design and production. Production costs have been covered by a non-profit institution, of which we are currently fellows.

The brochure's effect on the public perception of the profession would be, I hope, to give I people a sense of how good design and community Involvement can work together to turn a place around.

Users' statements in response to the question: "Why is the brochure important?"

Reverend Hattie Smith-Davis, President of Fox Hill Tenant Association: Because we can get it out to people who would contribute something, even if its just to sit down in a meeting and give ideas. It's visibility: it says who we are, what we are and why we are, and it offers something interesting to read and look at.

Pat Lockhart, PS 57 teacher and Chair of Staten Island Tough Love: It's a great marketing and fundraising tool. It catches my attention, as an educator and as a person. I think someone picks it up and says: Wow! Look at all that's going on here. Debi Rose (Democrat running for city council) said that she would talk to corporate sponsors about Eibs, as soon as she had something to give them to explain what is going on there. The brochure makes us look more cohesive. At an educational level, it helps introduce the park.

Steve Cain, Partnership for Parks: It is especially important for this park, because it is a hidden jewel. A lot of people aren't even aware that it's there. It is a great outreach tool.

Joe Carroll, Manager, CBI, said that the brochure would be a useful advocacy tool", in order to show that Elb's Pond Park IS "the right place for people to put their money.

2002 Award Winners
Press Releases
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