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ASLA has launched Spotlight an all-new member publication that will highlight a wide range of projects, initiatives, and activities—by members for members.   

We need your contributions to make Spotlight shine. Fill out the form and our content team will get in touch to start developing your story. Chapters and members will receive editorial support with writing and developing articles.   

You can contribute stories and ideas for specific departments (below) or just express interest in collaborating:   

  • On-Site: A member-submitted photo from the field with a quick anecdote from the member. 
  • My View: A first-person essay from a different member each issue. 
  • Benchmarks: Briefs that highlight chapter and member experiences and initiatives. 
  • Kudos: Member achievements and awards. 
  • Behind the Design: Member projects, in Q&A format. 
  • Talking Points: Quick quotes from members on a themed topic.  

Fill out the short form HERE to let us know you’re interested, and we’ll get in touch.  

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