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Milestones & New Members

Colorado and Wyoming Chapter


Donald H. Brandes, Jr., PLA, ASLA Emeritus

What do you think is the most important issue facing landscape architects today? Without a question, the issue of sustainability and climate change is and has been the most compelling issue facing all the planning and design professions. The training, expertise, and commitment of landscape architects to demonstrate how construction and related capital improvements directly affect our health and welfare is timely and critical. Landscape architects are in a unique position to demonstrate how the land and water can be shaped to better create sustainable and more healthy environments. What have you gained by being a member of ASLA for 40 years? To be sure, as with any professional organization the ASLA is a “society” of professionals that share a common desire to improve the world we live in and to leave behind a legacy of public and private improvements for people to enjoy. ASLA offers its members the opportunity to explore new and innovative methods and techniques of professional practice. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, ASLA provides the venue to critically reflect on how we need to be better stewards of the land and water.


California Northern Chapter


Jacinta McCann, FASLA

How did you begin your career journey in Landscape architecture? My father was a civil engineer and encouraged me to study landscape architecture. At that time, the first undergraduate degree in Landscape architecture at UNSW had been established for 3 years, and had not yet graduated any students! Upon graduation I worked in a multidisciplinary design firm for 10 years before joining EDAW in Sydney in 1991. What do you think is the most important issue facing landscape architects today? Leadership in making comprehensive impact at scale across compromised and ageing urban infrastructure (social, economic, environmental) in the face of climate change. What would you share with others as a reason for belonging to ASLA as a member? ASLA provides a critical continuing educational role for young landscape architects as they establish their careers.

Kentucky Chapter

John A. Swintosky, ASLA

Texas Chapter
Robert E. DeForest, ASLA

California Southern Chapter

Michael Murray, ASLA

Connecticut Chapter
Takaya Kurimoto, ASLA

Wisconsin Chapter
Daniel Schmitt, ASLA

Boston Chapter

Gareth Gerard Doherty, ASLA

California Northern Chapter
Bob Evans, Affiliate ASLA

California Southern Chapter
Karen D. Adhikari, ASLA

Connecticut Chapter
Katherine A. Montgomery, ASLA

Florida Chapter
Whitney Tidd, ASLA

Hawaii Chapter
Judith Stilgenbauer, ASLA

Minnesota Chapter
Katherine M. Leise, ASLA

New York Upstate Chapter
Vincent E. Ryan, ASLA

Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter
J. Willis Walter, ASLA

Washington Chapter
Elizabeth A. Haddox, ASLA

Wisconsin Chapter
Tom Mortensen, ASLA

California Sierra

Melissa A. Ruth, ASLA

Indiana Chapter
Adam Z. Kutemeier, ASLA

Louisiana Chapter
Kade M. Jones, ASLA

New Mexico Chapter
Mario Nuño-Whelan, Associate ASLA

Potomac Chapter
Alyson J. Taylor, ASLA

St. Louis Chapter
Alexandra Mei, ASLA

Texas Chapter
Mike J. Farley, ASLA
Arron P. Law, ASLA
David Newman, ASLA

Washington Chapter
Elizabeth A. Gibson, ASLA

California Northern

Caroline Acquistapace, ASLA
Daphne Caron, Associate ASLA
Claire Elizabeth Corbett, Associate ASLA

California Sierra
Jason Gorski, ASLA

California Southern
Cassy Aoyagi, Affiliate ASLA

Rocco Ceo, Affiliate ASLA
Favio Perez, ASLA

Matthew Lee, ASLA

Jessica Suttle, ASLA
Keri VanVlymen, ASLA

International Chapter
Pengkun Li, International ASLA
Wei Wei, International ASLA
Robin Winogrond, International ASLA

Katherine Hightower, Associate ASLA
Kelli Cunningham Reinhardt, ASLA

Gregory Lee Norfleet, Affiliate ASLA

New York
Jacquelyn Cox, Affiliate ASLA

William Sundquist, Affiliate ASLA

Kylee Eastman, ASLA
Melissa Thomson, Affiliate ASLA

Jung Aiden, Student ASLA
Kenneth Alexander, Student ASLA
Caden Allen, Student ASLA
Soo Bin An, Student ASLA
Neerja Anandani, Student ASLA
Elizabeth Anderson, Student ASLA
Caleb Asbury, Student ASLA
Gillian Balk, Student ASLA
Francisco Batz, Student ASLA
Megan Elaine Benton, Student ASLA
Bevineau-Rock, Student ASLA
Zachary Blum, Student ASLA
Emily Boos, Student ASLA
Nicolette Bovier, Student ASLA
Eliza Breder, Student ASLA
Kate Brezinski, Student ASLA
Martin Brice, Student ASLA
Shira Brown, Student ASLA
Summer Camporesi, Student ASLA
Kevin Antonio Campos, Student ASLA
Grace Canady, Student ASLA
Grace Carbeck, Student ASLA
Drake Cary, Student ASLA
Cameron Castorina, Student ASLA
Stephanie Cavanaugh, Student ASLA
Joyce Chang, Student ASLA
Abbie Cheng, Student ASLA
Lila Coffey, Student ASLA
Madelyn Combs, Student ASLA
Levi Cook, Student ASLA
Elizabeth Corbitt, Student ASLA
Gegham Dadalyan, Student ASLA
Seth Deerinwater, Student ASLA
Sydny DeRoma, Student ASLA
Aishvarya Dubey, Student ASLA
Paul Durant, Student ASLA
Kiera Eason, Student ASLA
Kathleen Erwin, Student ASLA
Manuela Farnot, Student ASLA
Ryan Franchak, Student ASLA
Adrice Galloway, Student ASLA
Leslie Garcia Vazquez, Student ASLA
Harrison Garden, Student ASLA
Olivia Gilliam, Student ASLA
Emmalina Glinskis, Student ASLA
Robert Grunderson, Student ASLA
Kylan Aman Hagans, Student ASLA
Jennifer Bird Hamilton, Student ASLA
Rebecca Heide, Student ASLA
John Hill, Student ASLA
Noemi Ho, Student ASLA
Chris Honeycutt, Student ASLA
Rui Hu, Student ASLA
Joseph Hughes, Student ASLA
Annalise Hummel, Student ASLA
Hesla James, Student ASLA
Reagan Johnson, Student ASLA
Tera Johnson, Student ASLA
Casey Jones, Student ASLA
Eve Josar, Student ASLA
Dorinvil Kerlinaelle, Student ASLA
Rachel Kerr, Student ASLA
Jackson Kincaid, Student ASLA
Soriya Kinnaly, Student ASLA
Lauren Kobistek, Student ASLA
Mihir Mukesh Kothari, Student ASLA
Bernadette Labuguen, Student ASLA
Nicholas Laney, Student ASLA
Jordan Livingston, Student ASLA
Solomon Lloyd, Student ASLA
Brooke Lombardi, Student ASLA
Addison Mainer, Student ASLA
Mugdha Mallareddy, Student ASLA
Khadeejia Marcum, Student ASLA
Malique Jay McNeil, Student ASLA
Jocseline Medina, Student ASLA
Kollier Miller, Student ASLA
Emily Moon, Student ASLA
Sean Morgenthaler, Student ASLA
Feriya Moye, Student ASLA
Sandhya Muralidharan, Student ASLA
Pranav Naukudkar, Student ASLA
Galen Newsum, Student ASLA
Aidan Nowell, Student ASLA
Carolina Ogden-Tinoco, Student ASLA
Kalea Papandrew, Student ASLA
Autumn Perry, Student ASLA
Jake Phillips, Student ASLA
Elizabeth Lee Pruden, Student ASLA
Laurence Rasmussen, Student ASLA
Patrick Rieker, Student ASLA
Samantha Riggs, Student ASLA
Simone Robinson, Student ASLA
Tyler Rodriguez, Student ASLA
Elizabeth Roque, Student ASLA
Sarah Rupper, Student ASLA
Aidan Scanlan, Student ASLA
Jack Thomas Schultz, Student ASLA
Rachel Sexton, Student ASLA
Jainee Shah, Student ASLA
Brittany Silver, Student ASLA
Claire Sims, Student ASLA
Will Sisco, Student ASLA
Kendall Starr, Student ASLA
Cristina Stoker, Student ASLA
Nicole Summers, Student ASLA
Angela Sweidan, Student ASLA
Ayesha Syed, Student ASLA
Mari Takata, Student ASLA
Jake Taylor, Student ASLA
Nathan Temesgen, Student ASLA
Jue Thaw, Student ASLA
Michael Tyler, Student ASLA
Madhura Prashant Vaze, Student ASLA
Elizabeth Voss, Student ASLA
Ivy Wang, Student ASLA
Jamin Ward, Student ASLA
Liliana Weisenfeld, Student ASLA
Nahshon White, Student ASLA
Marley Williams, Student ASLA
James Wilson, Student ASLA
Teresa Zbiciak, Student ASLA
Mingwan Zhang, Student ASLA

Student Affiliate
Connor Bass, Student Affiliate ASLA
Jose Cabrera, Student Affiliate ASLA
Paul Carey, Student Affiliate ASLA
Yesenia Casillas Rios, Student Affiliate ASLA
Jacob Durisseau, Student Affiliate ASLA
Isabella Gonzalez, Student Affiliate ASLA
Lovell Gooding, Student Affiliate ASLA
Onna Keller, Student Affiliate ASLA
Luke Kerr, Student Affiliate ASLA
Azucena Madriz Macias, Student Affiliate ASLA
Joshua Mesnick, Student Affiliate ASLA
Jessie Moyar, Student Affiliate ASLA
Maryam Muhammad, Student Affiliate ASLA
Ankita Anand Naik, Student Affiliate ASLA
Jessica Napoles, Student Affiliate ASLA
Lianne Marie Nguyen, Student Affiliate ASLA
Taylor Petersen, Student Affiliate ASLA
Eva Romero, Student Affiliate ASLA
Holli Scoggins, Student Affiliate ASLA
Mason Sweinhagen, Student Affiliate ASLA
Amanda Tsang, Student Affiliate ASLA
Diego Valbunea, Student Affiliate ASLA
Tamia Wall, Student Affiliate ASLA

Student International
Karen Aguero Solorzano, Student International ASLA

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