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ASLA 2021 Professional Residential Design Honor Award. Ghost Wash. Paradise Valley, AZ. COLWELL SHELOR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE >

Milestones & New Members

Virginia Chapter

Rex Stanley Tatum, ASLA

California Northern Chapter

Thomas Gregory Arthur, ASLA

California Southern Chapter

Fred Simon, ASLA

Fred Simon, ASLA

What would you share with others as a reason for belonging to ASLA as a member?A pretty good overview of what others are accomplishing and invisioning.

What do you think is the most important issue facing landscape architects today?Everywhere - Climate Change; in California - water availability and demand.

What have you gained by being a member of ASLA for 40 years? Knowledge of what other professionals are doing.

What in your view is the most important thing that landscape architects provide? Bakersfield deserves its reputation. There may be five Landscape Architerct in this city of over five hundred thousand people. The area of landscape design is given to contractors and non-professionals. But I look elsewhere and see well designed communities with parks and structures that reflect what our profession is about. I would tell Landscape Architects of this community and those that may venture here to show us your best work no matter the size or scale of the project. If selected to design a park or parkway or the land around a business or just a residence, make it the best you can do and then the next one, make it better


Mississippi Chapter

Sadik Artunc, FASLA

Sadik C. Artunc, FASLA 

What do you think is the most important issue facing landscape architects today?
The Climate Change/Resiliency + Urbanization + Food Security: These are all very intertwined!

What have you gained by being a member of ASLA for 40 years? More than anything else NETWORK of great friends and colleagues at all corners of the land and planet.

What would you share with those new to the profession of landscape architecture? Future of landscape architecture is destined to be great. You are a member of the profession that holds key to many challenges of the society from the climate change to equity to quality of life for everyone. Be our profession must be vigilant to threat both externally and internally to hold our ground and promote the profession. We cannot be humble and be quiet with our accomplishments as well as potential to achieve more. We need to be assertive and vocal and learn to promote our profession at every opportunity and challenge continuously, effectively and proudly.

New Jersey Chapter
Richard B. Bartolone, ASLA
Helen H. Heinrich, ASLA

Ohio Chapter
Edwin R. Mickelson, FASLA

Utah Chapter
John C. Ellsworth, FASLA
Janet L. Striefel, FASLA

Wisconsin Chapter
Judith Z. Stark, ASLA

California Northern Chapter

Harry E. Nakagawara, ASLA

New Mexico Chapter

Robert Loftis, ASLA

Potomac Chapter
Don Hoover, ASLA

Tennessee Chapter
John T. Rudolph, III, ASLA

Florida Chapter

Stephen M. Feccia, ASLA

North Carolina Chapter
Roberta MK Fox, ASLA

Texas Chapter
Jennifer Fontana, CAE, Affiliate ASLA

Alabama Chapter

Amanda Fonte, Associate ASLA

California Southern Chapter
Breanne N. Alton, Associate ASLA
Roberto Leo, Jr., ASLA

Idaho/Montana Chapter
Annette R. Marchesseault, ASLA

Virginia Chapter
Julia E. Murphy, ASLA


Lauren Colone, Associate ASLA

California Northern
Yi-Shan Chen, ASLA
Amy McCosh Leonard, Associate ASLA
Yimun Stauffer, Affiliate ASLA
Mingyao Wang, ASLA

California Southern
Paulina Castelli, Affiliate ASLA

Suzanna Parks, Associate ASLA

Ran Zhang, ASLA

SeyedehMaryam Maddahzad, Associate ASLA

Michael Erickson, ASLA
Madeline Grace Schuette, ASLA

Jocelyn Hinshaw, ASLA

Nicholas Bad Heart Bull, Associate ASLA

North Carolina
Adam Fullerton, Associate ASLA
Kayleigh Gill, Associate ASLA

New Mexico
Paniz Peik, Associate ASLA

Daniel A. Bier, ASLA

Prairie Gateway
Rachel Reynolds, Associate ASLA
Katelyn Salsbury, Associate ASLA
Dale Stafford, Affiliate ASLA
Payton Wynes, ASLA

Annabelle Hernandez, ASLA
Nicholas Wester, ASLA

Gordon Lundell, Affiliate ASLA

Danah Alqunfuzi, Student ASLA
Udochukwu Anidobu, Student ASLA
Grace Brisco, Student ASLA
Tracy Cramer, Student ASLA
Stephanie Gates, Student ASLA
Daniel Louis Hahn, Student ASLA
Riley Hays, Student ASLA
Laurel Kelton, Student ASLA
Greta Mundt, Student ASLA
Adyline Ramirez, Student ASLA
William Redmon, Student ASLA
Joel Devin Tilley, Student ASLA
Cristian A. Umana, Student ASLA
Haoyue Yang, Student ASLA

Student Affiliate
Hunter Angione, Student Affiliate ASLA
Noah Bassman, Student Affiliate ASLA
Sara Eslamzadeh, Student Affiliate ASLA
Jemma Foster, Student Affiliate ASLA
Amber Ketch, Student Affiliate ASLA
Mark Christopher Manriquez, Student Affiliate ASLA
Jessica Taylor, Student Affiliate ASLA
Ellen O. White, Student Affiliate ASLA

Student International
Junbin He, Student International ASLA
Koraphat Saengsuksawang, Student International ASLA


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