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Power Station Podcast with ASLA CEO Torey Carter-Conneen

Power Station host Anne Pasmanick with ASLA CEO Torey Carter-Conneen / Keith Swann, ASLA

On December 28, 2021, Power Station Podcast released its interview with ASLA CEO Torey Carter-Conneen, in which he gave listeners a comprehensive and inspiring overview of the world of landscape architecture and the critical role landscape architects play in mitigating today’s challenges such as climate change.

Torey also shared what inspired him to enter the worlds of advocacy and public service, and how today as ASLA CEO he advocates for policies on climate change and creating opportunities for current and future landscape architects.

Power Station is a Washington, D.C.-based podcast that interviews leaders of non-profit organizations about “how they build community, advocate for policy change, and make an impact in overlooked and underinvested communities.” Hosted by Anne Pasmanick, Power Station provides a platform for “change makers” to talk about how they and their organizations create positive change.

As such, Torey discussed how the planning and design work ASLA members do today focused on environmental justice, climate change, equity, and resilient spaces is directly connected to the organization’s purpose statement of 100 years ago: “to protect and promote the public welfare.” In line with this commitment, Torey also shared with Ms. Pasmanick ASLA’s new women of color licensure program, slated to launch in early 2022, and how this program will enhance diversity within the profession.

Torey Carter-Conneen

Torey Carter-Conneen / Keith Swann, ASLA

To illustrate the work of ASLA leaders and members, Torey also discussed how ASLA played a key role in the recently enacted Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. He talked about how the Act includes 13 recommendations made by ASLA’s Government Affairs team in the areas of transportation, public lands, and water management. These points helped listeners understand the dual roles of ASLA’s members and leadership: once again promoting the original mission of “protecting the public welfare” and being proactive in creating new opportunities for landscape architects.

Listen to the entire podcast interview.

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