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Can My Project Pursue SITES Certification for Sustainable Landscape Development?

Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes in Pittsburgh, PA

How does SITES certification for sustainable landscapes work for a project within a larger campus? Can SITES apply to a master plan? Can I apply SITES to a multi-phased project? Yes, yes and yes. SITES can help with numerous projects. Access the full article and read about possibilities below:

Planning Phase: A project in its planning phase could be granted a SITES precertification. The recognition by GBCI can help with funding, approval from community members, or may help with permitting in some localities.

A project within a large campus: SITES can provide a comprehensive tool and method to verify that new construction projects within a larger campus contribute to a university’s or corporate campus' overarching sustainability goals.

A multi-phased project: Particularly complex projects can be awarded SITES in multiple phases. If your project is complex, you can register each project as its own project. In many cases, documentation can be streamlined. However, depending on the project, additional documentation may be needed. Another interesting fact about this method is that a project registered with three or more phases will be offered discounts.

A LEED project: For a project to benefit from certifying to both SITES and LEED, you learn more about and take advantage of the synergies between SITES and LEED BD+C or LEED ND. Interestingly, a project that receives SITES Gold certification automatically earns the credits in the Sustainable Sites category in LEED BD+C v4.

A large project: There is no size limits to SITES projects. Sites over 100 acres not already pursuing the phased-in approach should contact the SITES Team at GBCI to discuss their project.

Kirke Park in Seattle

Kirke Park in Seattle, WA

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