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Olmsted Exhibit Available for Download

Frederick Law Olmsted: Landscapes for the Public Good is a downloadable exhibit with 23 panels of vivid photos and drawings. The exhibit explores the many facets of Olmsted’s life and legacy, highlighting some of his most well-known projects like the U.S. Capitol Grounds in Washington and Central Park in New York City.

Curated by Dr. Caroline Mesrobian Hickman of the University of Maryland and in conjunction with the Oak Spring Garden Foundation, the exhibit comes as a welcome and exciting addition to Olmsted 200 resource repository. The campaign encourages chapters to display the exhibit— physically or digitally— or donate the exhibit to their local library or public space.

The exhibit is downloadable via and is available free of charge with registration. (To download, please create an account, share your intended use, and then check your email for a download link). The only costs associated with the exhibit come from printing and mounting. It comes with suggestions for display, ranging from traditional paper and posterboard to eco-friendly corrugated cardboard and outdoor stanchions, as well as estimated costs. This allows organizations to customize based on their space and budget.

Olmsted 200 exhibit  

Frederick Law Olmsted: Landscapes for the Public Good / Olmsted 200

Organizations may add their own panels so long as they conform to design and content guidelines. For more information, contact:

To learn more about the exhibit, please visit the Olmsted 200 website by clicking here and here. You can also check out this Q&A with exhibit curator Caroline Hickman.

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