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In Memoriam: Craig Allan Churchward, FASLA

Craig Allan Churchward, FASLA, 67, passed away suddenly on Sep. 6, 2021 at his home in Minneapolis. For nearly thirty years, Craig changed the way America plans and designs its highways and streets. In public agencies and in private practice, Craig was instrumental in the movement to create new complete street, visual quality, and context sensitivity policies and programs in dozens of states and on hundreds of projects across the country. Though these ideals are well recognized today, this was not the case when Craig began his career. For decades he negotiated the entrenched hierarchy and staid systems of state transportation departments, always with an eye to using transportation to promote health, conserve and restore natural and cultural communities, and spur economic vitality.

He became a trusted expert nationwide, invited regularly to present his work and ideas at professional conferences or directly to officials within state departments of transportation. As a consultant, teacher, and frequent lecturer at conventions of planning and design professionals, Craig continuously promoted expansion of landscape architects’ roles within transportation agencies. In addition, he reintroduced the practice of putting economists, biologists, artists, and other non-traditional professionals on the planning and design teams he orchestrated, generating more sensitive solutions to the problems transportation projects often create in communities.

Craig was elevated to the ASLA Council of Fellows in 2013.  

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