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Mom of Three Boy Scouts and Landscape Architect Takes the Future of the Profession Into Her Own Hands

Erin McCowan Foster, ASLA

When Erin McCowan Foster, ASLA, learned that the Landscape Architecture Merit Badge ranked 130th out of 137 in popularity, she set a personal goal to pull landscape architecture out of the bottom 10 in 2020.

“That hurt, as I have spent 25 years of my life in this profession,” she says. “When I realized it was not because Scouts weren’t interested but because of availability of counselors, I signed up.”

Read the article, which also explains how to become a Merit badge counselor.
And read another article about Kenneth Laxton, ASLA, on his efforts to promote the profession using the Landscape Architecture Merit Badge.
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Critical to the work of Career Discovery and Diversity is its alignment with ASLA’s Strategic Objectives, specifically promoting landscape architecture as a career option, fostering diversity in the profession, and supporting landscape architectural programs, and promoting accessible educational pathways into the profession.
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