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ASLA Sends Congress Transportation Recommendations

2019 Advocacy Day | Photo credit: EPNAC

As Congress prepares to reauthorize the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, ASLA has sent both the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works a set of active transportation recommendations that would allow landscape architects to enhance their ability to produce cutting-edge projects across the nation.

Upgrading our national infrastructure­ to include a multimodal transportation network that is safe for all users, addresses the impacts of climate change, and is environmentally and socially just is paramount. Our nation’s current auto-centric transportation system is outdated, perpetuates our dependence on fossil fuels, and does not safely meet the needs of all users. Many communities want less-costly, more convenient, and more environmentally sound active transportation options such as bicycling, walking, rolling, and access to public transportation.

Reauthorizing the FAST Act before its expiration in September 2021, provides us all with a unique opportunity to chart a new course for transportation infrastructure in this country. ASLA has developed a set of recommendations that include adopting a number of active transportation bills, addressing climate change with green infrastructure in rights-of-way, adopting the Sustainable Sites Initiative® (SITES®) for transportation projects, elevating Context Sensitive Solutions as a social justice tool, providing tools for scenic byways and other visual resources, and more.  



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