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Two ASLA Members Merge to Create New Firm: CLINTON+RIES Landscape Architects

Sandra Youssef Clinton, FASLA, at left, and Kate Ries, ASLA, at right / CLINTON+RIES Landscape Architects

Sandra Youssef Clinton, FASLA, and Kate Ries, ASLA, are excited to announce their new partnership. Clinton & Associates is now CLINTON+RIES Landscape Architects.

With over 35 years of practice, Sandy Clinton is an accomplished landscape architect who nurtures relationships to design intimate and appropriate landscapes. Using art+nature+architecture as our tools, we craft spaces that serve a purpose, celebrate contemporary culture, provide visual beauty, and go on to inspire.

As an award-winning landscape architect with over twelve years of design, management, and construction experience, Kate Ries creates seamless environments where natural systems and people interact. Her expertise in urban, civic, and campus designs blend with and elevate the work we have been creating over the past twenty-two years.

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