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NEW Auto Renew with Annual or Monthly Payments

ASLA listened, and we are happy to announce a convenient, auto-renewal option for individual members (excluding students) with annual or monthly payments. You can choose to enroll in auto renew during your annual membership renewal period and free yourself of invoices, checks, and renewal emails. Once enrolled, your membership will automatically renew annually. You will never miss out on your member benefits again.

To enroll in auto renew for your membership dues:

  1. Login at
  2. Click on the orange Renew Now button on the left menu. Please note, the renew button is only visible if your membership is due to renew.
  3. Review your dues, and click on Proceed to Checkout.
  4. From your checkout cart, see Auto Renew Option and select Enroll Now.

Additional instructions from the enrollment page.

  1. Select Payment Option
  2. Wait for web page to reload with payment schedule
  3. Check “I authorize ASLA…”
  4. Enter payment information and click Submit
  5. A copy of your payment schedule is emailed to you upon payment


Checkout Cart—If you wish to purchase a non-dues-related item—LATIS, Contracts, etc.—please enroll first, then add the other items to your cart. If you already have items in your cart, zero out the quantity or remove them from your cart.

If you choose to enroll in auto renew and then decide not to enroll, you can cancel prior to checkout/payment by clicking on Pay Later (alongside the dues item) and returning to the Account page to begin again with the Renew Now button. Account at:

AutoDraft Installment Payment Dates— Your first auto-renew payment is complete when you have enrolled in auto-renew and finished the checkout process. Your renewal is based on your effective date of membership. Scheduled payments are made on or about the 15th of the month.

For Annual Payments—The current dues are paid on the checkout date, and your next annual payment will be made on the 15th of your next renewal month.

For Monthly Payments—If the first payment is made in advance of your renewal month or during your renewal month, then the payments will occur on the day of enrollment and the next 11 months. For payments after your renewal month, the payments will be compressed into the number of months remaining in your annual membership.

Following are screen shots of the dues renewal process and AutoDraft enrollment, with an example payment schedule and email confirmation.

Step 1 – Renew (click Renew now)


Step 2 – Proceed to Checkout (lower right corner)


Step 3 – Enroll (click Enroll Now)


Step 4 – Select Payment Option and Agree to Terms


Step 5 – Checkout with Annual AutoDraft (payment July 2020, renewal month November)


Step 6 – Payment & Payment Schedule Confirmation



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