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Dear L.A.R.E.y – Taking the Exam in Uncertain Times

Studying for the licensing exam? L.A.R.E.y has the answers. Brought to you by the ASLA LARE Prep Committee, including seasoned professionals, LARE Prep instructors, and recent and current test-takers, L.A.R.E.y’s answers will reflect the committee’s collective insights and experience. Please note that ASLA only endorses resources and materials provided by ASLA and CLARB. In this second installment, we tackle several questions about taking the exam in uncertain times.


Dear L.A.R.E.y,

Does ASLA have any updated information on COVID-19’s impact on the L.A.R.E. exam? 
Sarah and Diego from California

Dear Sarah and Diego,

CLARB has announced that candidates who did not get a June testing appointment will be automatically moved to the August testing period. All candidates should have received an email from CLARB with information on how to schedule their appointment. CLARB has also expanded its testing window from two to three weeks, running from August 1–22. Please refer to CLARB’s website for additional testing information and exam dates. ASLA is here to support your preparation.

Dear L.A.R.E.y,

Do you need to know Grading and Drainage to pass the L.A.R.E. Section 4 exam? I took the exam and did not pass Section 4. I know construction documents pretty well. Even though grading and drainage is not my strong point, I figured I could still pass the exam.

Sam from Washington

Dear Sam,

L.A.R.E. Section 4 Exam is titled Grading, Drainage and Construction Documentation. Information received from CLARB has stated the grading and drainage questions must be passed in order to pass Section 4. It is not enough to pass only the Construction Documentation questions. I encourage you to review ASLA resources for Section 4 Grading and Drainage.

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