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ASLA Publishes Construction Contract Administration Guidelines

Construction contract administration is an important part of the profession of landscape architecture.
When properly orchestrated, this phase allows the landscape architect to take a decisive path to help ensure successful implementation of the design and materials they have specified for a project.

Seasoned landscape architects often have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform construction contract administration services, simply based on their real-world experience. However, even they can have specific questions about their role and processes—perhaps being unfamiliar or unsure of certain aspects. Beginning and emerging landscape architects may feel overwhelmed or insecure regarding this phase. It is also important that landscape architecture students have a preliminary awareness of this subject.

Therefore, the ASLA Professional Practice Committee created The Landscape Architect’s Guidelines for Construction Contract Administration with the intent of providing information, knowledge, and guidance to a sometimes unfamiliar and misunderstood facet of the profession. The document serves as a reference to assist landscape architects in the construction contract administration of landscape architecture construction projects.

Over a period of over 14 years, the combined efforts of many experienced ASLA members and landscape architects from around the nation culminated in the creation of these guidelines. This was not an easy task. A special subcommittee within the ASLA Professional Practice Committee formed in the beginning, with new participants joining and contributing throughout the years. They spent countless hours researching, writing, discussing information, and fine-tuning the document via conference calls and webinars.

Once the committee composed the main body of text, ASLA brought in legal counsel experienced in the design disciplines to work closely with the contributors in order to further refine, edit, and ensure that the document was appropriate for distribution to the Society.

Today we gladly present The Landscape Architect’s Guidelines for Construction Contract Administration.

Many thanks to the contributors:

  • Wm. Dwayne Adams, FASLA (editor)
  • Bradley Hilliker, ASLA (editor)
  • Andrew C. Bowden, FASLA
  • Susan Cahill-Aylward, Hon. ASLA
  • Van Cox, FASLA
  • John Haynes, ASLA
  • Jonathan Henney, ASLA
  • Charles R. Heuer, FAIA, Esq (counsel)
  • Carl R. Kelemen, FASLA
  • Emily M. O’Mahoney, FASLA
  • Cendra Ramirez
  • Vaughn B. Rinner, FASLA
  • Jeffrey A. Tandul, ASLA
  • Cheryl Terio-Simon, Esq. (counsel)
  • Rob Tilson, FASLA
  • Dave Walters, ASLA
  • Todd Weik
  • Todd Wichman, FASLA

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