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ASLA 2019 Professional General Design Honor Award. Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park Phase II. SWA / Balsley and Weiss/Manfredi >

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Each of ASLA's 20 Professional Practice Networks (PPNs) contributes to The Field, a blog that was created to give members who work in landscape architecture a place to exchange information, learn about recent work and research, and share their thoughts about current happenings. In LAND this year, we’ll be rounding up recent posts on The Field you may have missed. If you’d like to receive email notifications as soon as new posts are published, sign up to follow The Field—look for “The Field by Email” box on the right-hand side.

Two new posts are published on The Field each week. Here is what’s been published since the last issue of LAND that featured highlights from The Field:

Alternative Practice Areas

Share Your Point of View: Alternative Practice Areas for Landscape Architects

“Landscape architecture is an ideal educational foundation for a wide range of creative career opportunities. Increasingly, landscape architects are discovering and pursuing alternative career paths outside of traditional studio professional roles. The ASLA Public Practice Advisory Committee wants to hear about your professional practice needs and interests.” Read more >

Transportation Research Board Call for Posters

Transportation Research Board Call for Posters on Landscape and Environmental Design

PPN: Transportation
by Willson S. McBurney, ASLA, PLA

“The Transportation Research Board (TRB) Standing Committee on Landscape and Environmental Design (AFB40) invites submissions of your work as part of a landscape and environmental design poster session at TRB’s Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. in January 2020.” Read more >

Battery-Powered Lawn Equipment

Move to Battery-Powered Lawn Equipment to Help us all Breath (and Hear!) Easier

PPN: Planting Design
by David Hopman, ASLA, PLA

“One of the best parts of my morning routine is to take a brisk-paced walk with my wife through our leafy suburban neighborhood in Arlington, Texas. Our morning reverie is interrupted with deafening sounds and billows of pollution and dust from gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment (GPLGE).” Read more >

First Project to Earn SITES, LEED, and TRUE Zero Waste Certifications

The First Project to Earn SITES, LEED, and TRUE Zero Waste Certifications


“Orange Coast College Recycling Center becomes first project in the world to earn SITES, LEED, and TRUE Zero Waste certifications.” Read more >

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