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At The Gardner, ‘Big Plans’ Looks At How Big-Thinkers Reformed Our Cities
90.9 WBUR

“They were four intellectuals famous in the world of culture and art. Frederick Law Olmsted was a journalist and social critic turned landscape architect. Lewis Wickes Hine was a sociologist-photographer. Charles Eliot was a landscape architect and city planner, and Isabella Stewart Gardner was an art collector and philanthropist.”

Serpentine Pavilion Designed to Be “Part of Surrounding Landscape” Says Junya Ishigami

“In this exclusive Dezeen video, Japanese architect Junya Ishigami explains how his design for this year’s Serpentine Pavilion was built to resemble a ‘stone hill.'”

A Brazilian Vision Blooms Anew in the Bronx

“The New York Botanical Garden pulls out all the stops for its new exhibit on Modernist garden designer Roberto Burle Marx.”

Designing Women
Sacramento Magazine

“What makes a city great? Landscape architect Kimberly Garza believes public spaces—our parks, waterfronts, plazas, gardens and other gathering spots—are the foundation of a vibrant city.”

How a Landscape Architect’s Vision for a Roadless Area Led to the Boundary Waters
The Star Tribune

“A young landscape architect’s vision of a roadless wilderness laid the groundwork for the Boundary Waters.”

A First Peek at Michael Van Valkenburgh’s Bennett Park, Coming Soon to Streeterville
Curbed Chicago

“As Streeterville’s recently completed One Bennett Park skyscraper welcomes residents, the adjacent green space that gives the building its name is coming together ahead of an anticipated grand opening later this summer.”

The American Society of Landscape Architects Discuss New Strategies to Help Combat Climate Change

“Climate change has reinforced the need for architects, landscape architects, and urban planners to reassess design strategies and approaches. The built environment must be resilient to the changing environment and implement design techniques that can withstand global warming, storms, wildfires, and other environmental disasters. With a growing reassessment of what cities and buildings need, the American Society of Landscape Architects decided to initiate a Blue Ribbon Panel on Climate Change and Resilience.”

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