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First Look At Frank Gehry's ‘Anonymous' Building X for Facebook in Redmond

TheSeattle Daily Journal of Commerce


“As part of GGN's landscape plan, native plans will be restored. Gehry Partners says, ‘the intent is to return as much of the site as possible to its natural state by removing non-native plant material and replacing it with native species.’”


Eight Buildings That Incorporate Waterfalls



“The focal point of architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker's memorial to the September 11 attacks is two square fountains.”


When a ‘Be In’ in Central Park Was Front-Page News

The New York Times


“Fifty-two years ago, thousands came to Central Park for a counterculture happening that influenced decades of political gatherings there.”


A ‘Latino High Line’ Promises Change for San Antonio



“The San Pedro Creek Culture Park stands to be a transformative project for nearby neighborhoods. To fight displacement, the city is creating a risk mitigation fund.”


The Private Art of the Public Space Architect of Hudson Yards

The New York Times


“The landscape architect Thomas Woltz doesn’t usually work at home. But one day, he was sketching at the breakfast table in his West Village sanctuary when he had an “aha!” moment for his design of the Public Square and gardens of Hudson Yards, the enormous new development on the West Side of Manhattan.”


Harrisburg Plans ‘Chutes and Ladders’ Playground at Reservoir Park

Penn Live


“Kids of all ages will eventually be able to play in a life-sized version of the classic board game “Chutes and Ladders" at Reservoir Park, after Harrisburg City Council voted to hire a landscape architect to design the playground.”


A Landscape Architect’s Plant-Filled Oasis in Lower Manhattan

Architectural Digest


“Of course, one shouldn’t expect any less from Von Koontz, a talented landscape designer who works on everything from large country estates to petite, elegant rooftop spaces in Manhattan.”

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