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 Each of ASLA's 20 Professional Practice Networks (PPNs) contributes to The Field, a blog that was created to give members who work in landscape architecture a place to exchange information, learn about recent work and research, and share their thoughts about current happenings. In LAND this year, we’ll be rounding up recent posts on The Field you may have missed. If you’d like to receive email notifications as soon as new posts are published, sign up to follow The Field—look for “The Field by Email” box on the right-hand side. 

Two new posts are published on The Field each week. Here is what’s been published since the last issue of LAND:

Architecture and Design Pop-Up Play 

PPN: Children’s Outdoor Environments
By Chad Kennedy, ASLA

“Most autumn Saturday mornings at the downtown library in Modesto, California are decorated with shoppers and families enjoying artisan organic foods and searching for hidden gems and trinkets at a seasonal farmer’s market along a closed-off section of 17th Street. There is always plenty of music, food, and social dialogue, and everyone enjoys themselves. Once a year, however, this same location is overtaken with laughter, giggles, and smiles as hundreds of families and children swarm the area, overshadowing the events of the farmer’s market, to participate in an annual pop-up play event meant to raise awareness within the community about the design industries.”

Examining Green Roofs at Kansas State University

PPN: Ecology and Restoration
By Lee R. Skabelund, ASLA

“The Kansas State University Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning hosted a colloquium this past fall on Examining Green Roofs at Kansas State University with the Aim of Improving Design, Implementation & Management.

This collaborative research effort is expected to help guide future plans, designs, and management activities for green roofs and other green infrastructure within the Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie Eco-region, across the Central Plains, and elsewhere.”

Time to Grow Up: The Landscape Architect-Nursery Grower Relationship

PPN: Planting Design
By Michael Keenan, ASLA

“While plants are a primary color in the landscape architect’s palette, we often fail to grasp the complex challenges, laborious processes, and good luck it requires to bring healthy nursery stock to the market and ultimately to our projects. At the 2018 ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO in Philly, the Planting Design Professional Practice Network (PPN) met to discuss the ever-important relationship between the landscape architect and the nursery grower. We heard from four nursery professionals to learn about the realities of nursery production, incoming production shortages, and how to foster a better relationship with your grower.”

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