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2018 in Review: Online Learning

 In 2018, ASLA’s 20 Professional Practice Networks (PPNs) provided excellent opportunities for professionals in the same areas of practice to exchange information, learn about current practices and research, and network with each other—both online and in person at the ASLA Annual Meeting. Thank you to those who shared their expertise as PPN Live and Online Learning presenters!

Below, we highlight the top five live ASLA Online Learning presentations of the year, but be sure to check out the full PPN: 2018 IN REVIEW for additional information.

To provide our members with professional development opportunities, ASLA offers Online Learning webinars, many of which are hosted by the PPNs on a topic of special relevance to their members. In 2018, ASLA’s PPNs organized and hosted 14 live Online Learning presentations, two of which were part of the third Online Learning Student & Emerging Professional SPOTLIGHT mini-series.

Here are the top five best-attended live presentations of the past year:

  1. A Guide to Economic Analyses of Parks for Landscape Architects 
    Presented by Connie Chung, Jessica Sargent, and Carl Winston
    Hosted by the Parks & Recreation PPN

  2. The Play Environment: A New Paradigm for Play Areas
    Presented by Greg Miller, FASLA
    Hosted by the Children’s Outdoor Environments PPN

  3. Utilizing BIM to Improve Design and Workflow Efficiency 
    Presented by Matt Wilkins, ASLA; Robert Anderson, ASLA; and Erig Berg, ASLA
    Hosted by the Digital Technology PPN

  4. Universal Design in Play: A Behavioral Comparison of Three Playgrounds
    Presented by Ken Hurst, ASLA
    Hosted by the Children’s Outdoor Environments PPN

  5. Landscape Performance to Demonstrate Impact: Sustainable Campus Landscapes
    Presented by Megan Barnes, Associate ASLA
    Hosted by the Campus Planning & Design PPN

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