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ASLA Convenes 2019 Public Awareness Summit in New Orleans

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) convened its 2019 Public Awareness Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana from January 4 to 6. Representatives from 48 of ASLA’s chapters attended the summit to brainstorm public awareness strategies and help plan ASLA’s communications plan for 2019.

The agenda included two presentations from ASLA staff members, Paul Azzolini and J.R. Taylor. Azzolini, ASLA’s web designer/front-end developer, discussed updates and methods of implementation of ASLA’s brand standards digitally. Taylor, ASLA’s PR & Communication Coordinator, gave a tutorial on the basics of paid social media advertising.

Four attendees also presented examples of successful public awareness efforts from their local chapters to the summit. First, Jennifer Nitzky, ASLA, outlined the New York Chapter of ASLA’s outreach plan for promoting their awards program. Next, Matt Hisle, Associate ASLA, presented the Kentucky Chapter of ASLA’s publication, “Terrain,” which is a celebration of the chapter, its award winners, and work of its members.

On the second day, Nate Sweitzer, Associate ASLA, detailed the process and results of the Tennessee Chapter of ASLA’s Instagram takeover in April 2018. Finally, Dalton LaVoie, ASLA, and Andrew Wickham, ASLA, from the California – Sierra Chapter of ASLA presented potential ideas for future public awareness campaigns focusing on the “why” of landscape architecture.

Throughout the summit, attendees also participated in three breakout group discussions to help inform ASLA’s communications efforts. Group discussions topics included what resources can ASLA provide chapters to help their public awareness efforts, how to better promote national awards on a chapter level, and chapter awards on a national level, and determining themes for national public awareness campaigns.

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