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Each of ASLA's 20 Professional Practice Networks (PPNs) contributes to The Field, a blog that was created to give members who work in landscape architecture a place to exchange information, learn about recent work and research, and share their thoughts about current happenings. In LAND this year, we’ll be rounding up recent posts on The Field you may have missed. If you’d like to receive email notifications as soon as new posts are published, sign up to follow The Field—look for “The Field by Email” box on the right-hand side.

Two new posts are published on The Field each week. Here is what’s been published since the last issue of LAND:

Climate Positive Design at the Global Climate Action Summit

PPN: Sustainable Design and Development
by Pamela Conrad, ASLA

“On September 12, 2018, San Francisco hosted international leaders of various countries, states, regions, cities, and businesses, celebrities and environmental justice pioneers invited by California Governor Jerry Brown for three days at the Global Climate Action Summit. This group shared Climate Action initiatives to support the Paris Agreement goals and made bold new pledges for a future low carbon economy – specifically to prevent a 1.5 degree Celsius increase and to ensure a climate turning point of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations by 2020. As part of the Summit, CMG Landscape Architecture hosted an event titled “Climate Positive City Design” – a multidisciplinary panel discussion and salon bringing together over one hundred people to discuss how thinkers, academics, innovators, and designers can work together to strive beyond neutrality, and bring about positive change to our climate.”

Exploring Social & Sensory Barriers that Impede Play in Public Places

PPN: Children’s Outdoor Environments
by Chad Kennedy, ASLA

“This past September, Chad Kennedy, ASLA, PLA, CPSI, LEED® AP BD+C, joined the TED speaker cohort at TEDxModesto, which combined TED Talks videos and live presentations by local thinkers and doers on the theme “What makes your life more colorful?” Chad’s TEDx talk began with a history of Central Park, which, at the time it opened, was a revolutionary public space that encouraged citizens to recreate, relax, and escape urban life, regardless of their economic status, age, occupation, ethnicity, or gender. However, as far as we have come in the 161 years since Central Park opened, there is still a long way to go in designing spaces that are equitable and fair to all. This gap is particularly striking with respect to people with disabilities, individuals on the autism spectrum, and those with sensory processing disorders. Many disabilities impact individuals’ lives to the point where they are unable to enjoy basic activities, such as visiting a local park. In addition, care takers, spouses, siblings, parents, extended family members, and friends of these individuals are often unable to enjoy parks and playgrounds, as they are too busy providing care.”

Enhancing the Dialog between Education and Practice

PPN: Education & Practice
by John Anderson, ASLA

“The ASLA Education & Practice Professional Practice Network (PPN) exists to promote communication between education and practice. We have developed a philosophy statement: Education and practice mutually need each other and should respect each other. They should reciprocate and participate between themselves and most importantly should communicate regularly. In many cases, these relationships are already in place and functioning. In others, there may be disconnects, real or perceived. The PPN seeks to engage both practitioners and educators on how we can promote and enhance the dialog.

We would like to ask members of the PPN, both academics and practitioners, to provide feedback through the Education & Practice PPN survey on ways in which you are providing some level of reciprocation and participation.”

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