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ASLA’s “Discover Landscape Architecture” Activity Books Now Available in Spanish

ASLA is now making its ASLA Discover Landscape Architecture Activity Books available in Spanish for the first time. Now more people will be able to learn that landscape architecture careers combine art, science and the environment—and possibly become landscape architects themselves.

Designed by ASLA members, the activity books aim to inspire and teach anyone interested in landscape architecture and the built environment. The activity books’ primary focus is landscape architecture, giving readers the opportunity to see and sketch the many drawings, places and landscapes created by landscape architects.

The Spanish translation is an important part of ASLA’s initiative to inspire more people from diverse backgrounds to become landscape architects. The books have been available in English since June 2018.

Two Spanish-language versions are available:

The ASLA Discover Landscape Architecture Activity Book for Kids (ages 9–12) - Download

The ASLA Discover Landscape Architecture Activity Book for Teens and Adults (ages 13 and above) - Download

Use the activity books to learn or teach about:
  • The tools and skills needed to become a landscape architect
  • The many ways landscape architects shape our environment
  • How landscape architects use hand drawing to formulate ideas and solve complex problems
  • Make beautiful places for people to live, work and play.
Help ASLA spread the word and inspire the next generation by sharing with family, friends, classmates, neighbors, co-workers and community members. Post your drawings on social media with #ASLAactivitybooks to show the world your creative talents!

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