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PARK(ing) Day Showcases the Power of Public Space

ASLA Center for Landscape Architecture staff celebrated PARK(ing) Day by asking passersby to identify their favorite D.C. parks on a map. Image: ASLA

On Friday, September 21, landscape architects and designers around the world participated in the Fourteenth Annual PARK(ing) Day to demonstrate the power of public space. PARK(ing) Day allows the public to see the difference a designed space, even as small as a metered parking spot, could make in their community.

Designers at Quackenbush Architects in Columbia, South Carolina, demonstrated what exactly fits in a parking space other than a car.

The Landscape Architecture Bureau in Washington, D.C. gave passersby an opportunity to simply relax and read on a Friday afternoon.

The DLR Group in Sacramento, California, let people use the space to play some classic video games, if they worked for it.

OLIN in Philadelphia created a landscape made of paper for the public to immerse themselves in.

The Kansas State University Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects used their parklet to educate people about the benefits of trees.

ASLA’s members posted 424 times using our PARK(ing) Day Hashtag, #ASLAPD18. You can see all of the posts on our Tagboard.

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