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Cyber and Data Breach Insurance Now Available

Cyber and data breach insurance provides the critical coverage necessary to help protect companies of all sizes from the high costs and implications of a cyber or other data breach related incident. It also helps your business comply with state and federal regulations and insures against costly fines and penalties that can be levied on a company after a breach.

The insurance provides coverage for first party expenses such as breach response, credit notifications, forensic analysis, public relations consultants, cyber extortion payments, business interruption costs for loss of income and restoration costs. Additionally, the policy covers third party expenses like violation of privacy laws, multimedia liability, regulatory fines, compensatory payments, PCI assessments and legal defense costs.

ASLA has partnered with 360 Coverage Pros, a best-in-class business insurance provider, to provide ASLA members with cyber insurance offered by a top-rated insurance company.

It takes just minutes to obtain a quote and put this important coverage in place for your business. It's all online and is supported by licensed service agents.

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